Ballots counted, Westin loses seat


By Steve Marschke

News-Ledger Editor

The Yolo County Elections Department has made it through the final 3,000-or-so West Sacramento ballots cast in the November 6 election. The count left local results little changed from the early totals released last week.

As elections officials began counting these absentee and provisional ballots, school board member David Westin was 88 votes short of the winners’ circle last week. The additional ballots didn’t help him.

“The final count has David Westin 108 votes back,” said Tom Stanionis, chief of staff of the elections department.

The new count leaves the winners in the Washington Unified School District race unchanged. Challenger Katie Villegas is at the top of the chart with 7,658 votes (24.7%), challenger Alicia Cruz has 6,086 votes (19.6%) and incumbent Mary Leland holds onto the third slot with 5,671 votes (18.3%).

Falling short were Westin (5,563 votes, or 18.0%), Coby Pizotti (2,413 votes, 7.8%), Roy Sianez (1,844 votes, 6.0%) and Walt R. Bowman (1,739 votes, 5.6%).

In the fight for two seats on the West Sacramento City Council, William “Bill” Kristoff ended up with 10,114 votes (45.4%) and Oscar Villegas took the second spot with 9,987 votes (44.8%).

City council challenger Oleg Maskaev fell short, with 2,168 votes, or 9.7%.

Mayor Christopher Cabaldon was unopposed, drawing 12,766 votes.

Total turnout was 15,719 (67.8%) of 23,168 registered voters, reports the elections office. These results, while complete, are unofficial.

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