Police investigate possible threat to mayor

NEWS-LEDGER — DEC 12, 2012 —

West Sacramento police are looking into what may have been a threat to the safety of Mayor Christopher Cabaldon.

A post on another person’s Facebook social media site accused Cabaldon of selling the region’s groundwater, referred to him with gay slurs (Cabaldon is openly homosexual) and promised that the author and his father would confront the mayor at the next “town meeting.”

Cabaldon initially replied cavalierly, saying “When writing to me, please spell f___ correctly & (to be fair) only threaten me with one on one physical assault.”

  Later, the mayor decided the issue needed to be taken more seriously, and he reported it to police.

A police department spokesperson told the News-Ledger the department was looking into the matter, including verifying the identity of the person who actually made the post and “working to see if a crime has occurred.”

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