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“Club Pheasant - Since 1935,” by Frank Pereira. Third place among black & white photos.

NEWS-LEDGER — JAN 9, 2013–

From the City
of West Sacramento

Following a three year absence, the City of West Sacramento brought back its photo contest as part of the City’s 25th anniversary celebration. The prize -winning photos taken by contestants in October were announced Dec. 5 by the West Sacramento City Council. One contestant, resident Andrey Klimushkin, was the only one to win prizes in two separate categories.

The categories open to amateur photographers this fall were Residents (with three separate age divisions); Nonresidents; and a special photo category, “Best Black and White”, open to all contestants. The cash prizes offered this year also reflected the City’s 25th anniversary, with prize amounts based on variations of the theme of “25.” First place winners received $250 cash; second place winners $125; and third place winners $25.

2012 Photo Contest Winners:

The winners in the “Residents Under Age 25” category: Yelena Akhanova, first place; Donovan Carlson, second place; and Jennifer Trinkle, third place. The contest also set aside a category for residents who turned 25 during 2012, the 25th anniversary year of the City’s founding. Douglas Hughes, a City  employee during the contest period, won $250. In addition to Mr. Hughes, two other City employees were also prize-winners: Dena Kirtley, third place residents, age 26 and older; and Frank Pereira, third place, special Black and White. City employees participating in the contest as planners, producers, organizers, or judges, along with family members, were ineligible to enter the contest.

Winners of the category open to residents, Age 26 and older: Adonis  Villanueva, first place; Andrey Klimushkin, second place; and Dena Kirtley, third place.

‘Wall-e’s Wishes,’ by Douglas Hughes. First place among entries from residents age 25 and up.

In the “Nonresidents” category, the winners were: John Hennigan, first place; Pat Soberanis, second place; and Richard Abrusci, third place. Winners in the “Black and White” special photo category: Andrey Klimushkin, first place; Janice Wang-Polagruto, second place; and Frank Pereira, third place. Mr. Klimushkin was therefore the only winner to win in two categories this year. Mr. Pereira was also a third place winner in 2009, the last previous year of the contest.

The contest was sponsored by the City of West Sacramento.

You can scroll through all the winning photos at:

The photo contest winners met the city council on Dec. 5: pictured, left to right, are: Adonis Villanueva, first place, Residents Age 26 & Older; Janice Wang-Polagruto, second place, Black & White; Frank Pereira, third place, Black & White; John Hennigan, first place, Nonresidents; Mayor Pro Tem Chris Ledesma; Mayor Christopher Cabaldon; Council Member Oscar Villegas; Andrey Klimushkin, first place, Black & White and second place, Residents Age 26 & Older; Richard Abrusci, third place, Nonresidents; Dena Kirtley, third place, Residents Age 26 & Older; Council Member Bill Kristoff; Pat Soberanis (front row), second place, Nonresidents; Douglas Hughes, first place, Residents Age 25; Jennifer Trinkle, third place, Residents Under Age 25; Council Member Mark Johannessen; Yelena Akhanova, first place, Residents Under Age 25; and Donovan Carlson, second place, Residents Under Age 25. (Courtesy of Art Schroeder, City of West Sacramento)

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