Bridgeway takes school hoops crown



Bridgeway wins the Washington Unified School District girls basketball crown!

DON SCHATZEL: former West Sacramento Parks Director and occasional News-Ledger columnist

DON SCHATZEL: former West Sacramento Parks Director and occasional News-Ledger columnist

As reported by the  coaches:

Bridgeway Island Elementary School finished their very dominant season undefeated by beating Westmore Oaks Elementary, 37-27.

Nia and Tiana Lowery demonstrated great teamwork throughout the season and Alissa Klein and Zyrian Sambrano were leading scorers.

Westmore made it to the Championship game by defeating Southport Elementary, 21-18. Westmore raced off to a 9-0 first quarter start and never looked back.

Taylor Jackson scored 8 for Westmore and  Citalli Injunza tallied three 3-pointers. Lilly Stall  was an excellent point guard and Cammy Scott a dominant rebounder. Breanna Smith, Kailee Tinsley, Maggie Ladd and Jackie Ayon were all  excellent team play standouts for Westmore Oaks.

Breanna Smith, Kailee Tinsley, Maggie Ladd, Jackie Ayon all pointed out by their coach as great contributors to the successful Westmore season.

Boys basketball is now underway, with volleyball to follow!

Congratulations to Our Lady of Grace girls basketball, for making the move this year from the recreational division to the competitive division. Julianna Calles, Loren Bykowski, Krystal Robles, Madelyn Southard and Sydney Galvan are the starting lineup for OLG. The team is coached by Jeff Southard.

With elementary school teams prospering so much, is it any wonder why the  girls basketball program at River City is now so successful?

Speaking of moving up to “competitive”: Congratulations to the West Sacramento Soccer League, and Alberto Torrico and friends, for creating a new Metro soccer division for the “Best of the Best” soccer players in West Sacramento. The group has already held two free soccer clinics at River City High. The clinics were well attended, very educational, and the players very much enjoyed the challenge presented by the coaches preparing for the Metro season. Tryouts are scheduled soon in February and March for those players ages 10-18 who want to be on the best teams and play the best opponents in the area.

It’s a great soccer move to challenge West Sacramento best players to be the best.  Tryouts are scheduled for  February 23 and March 9 (see item on back page of this newspaper). Each age group has a specific time for their particular tryout.

Don’t forget: West Sacramento Little League and West Sacramento Girls softball are continuing to register as is the West Sacramento swim team  for yet another very, very busy summer here in West Sacramento!

  The seasons start soon for soccer and softball,  and confidence and optimism are very high for River City’s softball and soccer teams. All of our great young players are not so young anymore and many are now at River City. Good luck to all!

The Centennials are at it again.  Centennial Rotary club of West Sacramento members Walt James,

Tony Schwall, Ron Morazzini, Buzz Jones and Tom Engle replaced a 400 square foot roof on a building at the Yolo County fair grounds site in Woodland. The Yolo County Fair is an annual free event and great fun for the family held every summer. Centennial Rotary is the hardest working club in Rotary!!

Now open: La Patisseurie De la Foi. This is a pastry shop in the West Sacramento Collings Teen Center at 1541 Merkley Avenue, close to the Post Office. It’s open  Monday through Friday mornings starting at 7 a.m. It’s a great place for pastries prepared by teen center members who are supervised by a Cordon Bleu trained chef. Proceeds support the teen center at the same time. Great treats, and they’re in town, on your way to work!

Thanks to everyone who has mentioned to me they read these articles. I hope it helps all of us enjoy our community just a little bit more. Spring and summer are right around the corner!

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