City council: special ‘tour’ meeting


The West Sacramento City Council will hold a special meeting tomorrow (Friday, May 17). Much of the meeting will be spent on a tour of the port, riverfront, and the city’s northern and central areas.

The itinerary includes a visit at the Port of West Sacramento update State Senator Darrell Steinberg on the port’s new business plan, reports City Clerk Kryss Rankin.

“The main purpose of the tour is to highlight the City’s infill development opportunities, with a particular focus on how the realization of those opportunities through new private investment is dependent on the City’s ability to continue funding major infrastructure projects and economic development activities in the post-redevelopment environment,” said Rankin in an email.

The event also includes lunch with officials from the city and local chamber of commerce and Yolo County Supervisor Michael McGowan.

The tour begins at 10:30 a.m. and returns to city hall about 1:30 p.m.

As a form of city council meeting, the informational parts of the event are open to the public. Rankin says there will be transportation available to interested members of the public.

A map of the tour can be found below:

Tour Map

For information, call 617-4500.

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