HEART OF THE CITY: Southport Elementary wins a couple of WUSD scholastic sports titles

BY DON SCHATZEL (special to the News-Ledger)

BY DON SCHATZEL (special to the News-Ledger)


Summer has started, graduations are done and it’s time for congratulations to all the graduates. Best of luck in the future!  Parents: you, too, can take a bow. You made it so far!

Southport takes a double:
Southport Elementary School won both the Washington Unified School District Boys Flag Football Championship and the Girls Volleyball Championship last week.

I didn’t get a chance to go to the football playoffs but I did make it to the terrific volleyball championships at Riverbank School. I’d like to give a special note of thanks to Carmelita Goldsby, vice principal at Southport Elementary, who attended the games and supported her school.

The final four started with Westmore Oaks squaring off against pre-tournament favorite Bridgeway Island.

Bridgeway Island won the first game 25-17 and things seemed to be going true to form. But Westmore gutted it out and  roared back to win game 2, 25-20. The match was on.

Bridgeway fought for their lives and eventually won a great match in game three, 16-14. At one point, the volleyball was such a high quality there was a combined 11-hit  back-and-forth rally to decide one point.

Jasmine Anderson, Liliana Flores,Evelyn Bredkhin and Ashley Potts and former United States Youth Volleyball League standout Mallory Cypress were all sited for great play for Westmore  Oaks.

Xavionna Bryant-Davis, Sofie Russ, Avi Torres were great playmakers for Bridgeway Island taking them to familiar championship game territory..

In the other semifinal, Southport sought to avenge their earlier season loss to a tough Elkhorn  squad and came out blasting.

Southport won 2 games in a row to take the match 26-24 and 25-11 to setup the Championship vs. Brideway Island  the next night.

Itzel Geronimo, Diana Rocha, Jessica Urbina were great players for Elkhorn.

Michelle Trussel, Ashley davis, Mikala Drewry led the Southport charge

Southport took their momentum into the two-night championship schedule,  defeating Bridgeway Island 25-12 and 25-18 to win the championship in 2013.

A couple of weeks ago I happened to be in the cities of  Lincoln and Rocklin and, as usual, surrounded by West Sac softball players at championship tourneys.

First it was Ally Snyder, Hannah Wilover, Bella Munoz Alaina Castillio, Amarissa Medina, Elizabeth Cafaro, Jordan Criswell,Kylie Myers.

Then the following week at the Sac Softball complex it was Meghan Mckeever, Anjelica Blackmer, Melissa Corona, Crystal Diaz, all playing for  a variety of teams — the Pride, Hittterz, Attack and Bandits Fury. It is especially nice to see them in the championship awards presentations. I bet  not a weekend goes by that some West Sac softball player is being recognized for a softball championship somewhere in this area, in California or in the country.Great players!

Another softball note: on the two teams this year in the NCAA Womens Softball Champion ship played by Tennessee and Oklahoma 12 players were from California.
I also watched agame in the Sac Joaquin High School Softball Championships, and there were our own Alaina Guerra and Meghan Mckeever playing for Christian Brothers.

Congratulations to Walt James of the Centennial Rotary Club of West Sacramento for being named the District 5180 Rotarian of the Year. Out of 40 clubs and about 1,600 Rotarians Walt was accorded this great honor.

Also, congratulations to Beverly Sandeen of the Centennial Club for being recognized by Mayor Christopher Cabaldon for her contributions to the community.

Have a great summer!


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