Special porch ornament goes missing

A Southport woman just wants her bear back. It was custom-carved 25 years ago, and has "almost part of the family." (courtesy photo)

A Southport woman just wants her bear back. It was custom-carved 25 years ago, and has “almost part of the family.” (courtesy photo)

NEWS-LEDGER — JULY 10, 2013 —

By Daryl Fisher
News-Ledger Features Editor

Last weekend, Marlene Perini woke up as she always does and went outside her Alder Way home to get her Sunday newspaper. She quickly spotted her paper, but to her shock, her beloved wooden bear was no longer on the front porch as it has been for more than two decades.

“I bought my wonderful hard-carved wooden bear at a crafts show 25 years ago,” explained Marlene.  “He was created by a very talented artist who used a chainsaw to do most of the work and he did it right in front of my eyes as I waited. And after all of these years of sitting on my front porch, he is almost part of the family. He is always decorated for the holidays, surrounded by pretty poinsettias at Christmas time and a flag or spinning wheel in his hand on the 4th of July. I have lived in the very same house in the first subdivision they ever created in Southport for a very long time and nothing has ever been stolen off my front porch before. I live less than a mile away from Our Lady of Grace Catholic School and it makes you wonder what the world is coming to.”

Marlene is not really interested in getting anyone into any trouble, she just wants her bear back.

“Whoever you are who took my bear,” said Marlene, “just please put it back on my front porch right where you found it, and there will be no questions asked. Or since it is such a unique looking bear, if anybody has seen it around town, please contact the police since they know I am looking for it. He and I will both be a lot happier if he is back on my front porch where he belongs.”

  (EDITOR’S NOTE: anyone wishing to return the bear may also phone the News-Ledger, 916-371-8030.)

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