Update on West Sac street work: some old gas pipes are ‘pre-1955’

NEWS-LEDGER — AUG 28, 2013 —

Last week, the News-Ledger reported on streetwork in West Sacramento that just got underway as PG&E starts replacing old gas pipes in the city. The work is scheduled for the West Capitol Avenue area, as well as portions of Westacre Road, Jefferson Boulevard and 15th Street. It’s scheduled to cause some traffic impacts until it’s done around late November.

Since publishing that article, the News-Ledger has received some additional answers from PG&E spokeswoman Jana Morris.

“We will be replacing 3.19 miles of 16-inch steel transmission line,” she said by email. “Letters have been sent to customers within 2,500 feet of the work location, notifying them of our plans.”

Just how old are the “old” pipes?

“The pipe ranges in age – it dates to pre-1955 pipe,” said Morris.

The utility company plans to vent and clear the pipe, tentatively, on Oct. 13.

Morris corrected the News-Ledger’s earlier report that had said “few” disruptions in gas service were expected.

“Just to be clear, we do not anticipate disruptions to service.”

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