City honors long-term employees, retirees


The City of West Sacramento recently held its annual Service Awards Ceremony in the Galleria at the Civic Center.  Members of the City Council presented Service Awards to long-employed employees and those retiring.

There were 17 employees honored with 5 years of service, 18 employees honored with 10 years of service and nine employees honored with 15 years of service.

Those honored with 20 years of service were Loren Alander and Rebecca Ramirez.  Honored with 25 years of service were Cameron Beebe, Lisa Cox, Daniel DeMars, Kryss Rankin, and Ed Redmon.  Joseph Vela was honored with 40 years of service to the citizens of West Sacramento.

Those employees honored for their retirement were Margery Cordova, Daniel Drummond, Eric Edgar, Timothy Eisenbeisz, Kevin Kinsella, Evelyn Ledesma, Sue McCune, Alfred Terrell, and Mark Tingley.

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