Marijuana-growing restrictions in West Sacramento: follow-up

NEWS-LEDGER — DEC 18, 2013 —

An online reader of the News-Ledger complained that our Dec. 4 article detailing proposed new restrictions on growers of medical marijuana lacked enough context.

The article included a reference to data collected in West Sacramento since 2008. And it included a quote from a city staff report saying, in part, that “the number of complaints that specifically identify marijuana has doubled every year to 2012.”

The reader wanted to know if all that “doubling” had added up to a significant number of complaints – or if it was just a matter, say, of doubling just from “one” to “two.”

Here’s some more information:
According to the staff report, the city received 22 “marijuana related” complaints in 2008, rising to 112 complaints in 2012 and slipping to 92 in 2013.

The city received six calls for service regarding marijuana cultivation in 2008, rising to 27  calls in 2013.

Police were not called to any crime scenes involving marijuana cultivation in 2008, but did respond to five such calls in both 2012 and 2013.

To see the full report, look for the Dec. 5 agenda of the city planning commission at the city’s website. The report is at:

The planning commission on Dec. 5 approved the proposed new restrictions, commission member Charlie Moore told the News-Ledger. The rules would limit the size of indoor marijuana growing, prohibit cultivation within 600 feet of a school or child care center, and impose other requirements. The City of West Sacramento already prohibits outdoor marijuana cultivation.

The proposed new restrictions will return to the city council for a final vote.

The News-Ledger’s earlier article about this proposed ordinance can be found here.


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