Upcoming freeway project may cause trouble on West Sac city streets


West Sacramento officials expect planned freeway repairs in Sacramento to create a traffic impact on key West Sacramento roadways.

“Caltrans plans to replace the top deck on a segment of Highway 50 between 18th and 24th streets in Sacramento, a segment often identified as the ‘W-X freeway,’” reports city spokesman Art Schroeder.

It’s a key east-west connection in Sacramento.

Work will run from April 22 to about June 25.

  It starts with construction on the eastbound lanes from April 22 to May 21, with three eastbound lanes (and all westbound lanes, onramps and offramps) remaining open.

From May 22 through the Memorial Day weekend May 24-26), all eastbound ramps and lanes reopen.

From May 27 to the completion date, work will proceed on the westbound side, with three westbound lanes (and all eastbound ones) open.

Local officials believe the work will cause traffic spillover onto other freeways as well as certain boulevards in West Sacramento. Those include Jefferson Boulevard, Harbor Boulevard, 5th Street, Tower Bridge Gateway and West Capitol Avenue.  Schroeder asked local motorists to drive patiently and consider mass transit, carpools, adjusted work schedules or working from home when possible during the course of the project.

West Sacramento asked Caltrans officials to delay the project until after kids are out of school in June, but Caltrans responded that it couldn’t.

West Sacramento has also asked Caltrans to reimburse the area’s businesses for losses incurred as traffic avoids U.S. 50.

For project information, visit www.fix50.com.

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