Two Southport Elementary students win honors for messages of peace

Sidney Logsdon & Rylee Carter.  Click to enlarge.  (courtesy of Angie Logsdon)

Sidney Logsdon & Rylee Carter.
Click to enlarge.
(courtesy of Angie Logsdon)


Two students from Southport Elementary School are among the winners in this year’s “Inspirational Message of Peace” contest sponsored by the National Park Service and International World Peace Rose Gardens.

The contest was in conjunction with the annual celebration of the “I Have a Dream” garden at the Martin Luther King, Jr., national historic site in Atlanta.

More than 1,900 students participated internationally, and 26 winners were selected. Two were from Southport Elementary.

They were first-grader Rylee Carter and seventh-grader Sydney Logsdon. The pair were judged to have excelled in meeting the criteria of the poem contest, including addressing a message involving peace or Martin Luther King, Jr., or Coretta Scott King, in 35 words or less.

The winners are invited to attend a ceremony on May 8 in Atlanta, and their winning poems will be engraved on a plaque for display at the historic garden for one year.

Rylee’s poem:
“I Love My World”
Martin Luther King was a great person.
He gave us peace and freedom.
We planted a rose for his wife.
Every time I walk by the rose garden, I smile.

Sidney’s message:
“He Had a Dream”
He had a dream that others tried to crush.
A plethora of battles yet to come.
But, still, he never gave up hope.
Little did he know,
What he did would change us forever.


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