A break from the ‘Fix 50’ headache


Caltrans reports that work on the first part of the “Fix 50” freeway project is going ahead of schedule, and previously-closed eastbound lanes opened up today.  That means motorists have a ten-day break with no lane closures at all through Memorial Day weekend. Then work will begin on westbound lanes.

Following is an excerpt from today’s Caltrans message:

“The Fix50 project is ahead of schedule, and motorists will get a nice break for Memorial Day Weekend when all lanes will be open. Eastbound Phase 2, which began five days early to resurface the outside lanes of Highway 50 between 18th and 24th Streets in Sacramento, will finish 6 days early on May 16.


  “All lanes of Highway 50 will be open to motorists for a full 10 days. Work will resume after Memorial Day Weekend so there will be no interruption for travelers over the holiday when the Sacramento Music Festival and County Fair are in town.


 “Caltrans would like to thank our partners for their added outreach, staff, and services that helped to increase public awareness and alleviate traffic issues,” added District Director Jody Jones. “We also thank drivers who changed their regular workday commute, or chose alternate modes of transportation. Those motorists who chose to bike commute, use light rail, bus, train, walk, carpool, and avoided unnecessary trips helped lessen the overall traffic impacts in the region.”


 “On Thursday evening, May 15, crews will begin the process to reopen all eastbound lanes. The change-over will begin at approximately 9 PM, and involves removing K-rail barriers, changing the sign structures, and sealing and restriping the newly completed lanes into their original configuration. The full transition will finish by 7 AM Friday morning May 16, concluding all traffic-interfering work on eastbound Highway 50 in the W-X Viaduct. There will be some finishing work to do once both phases are complete, but nothing that will require major traffic interference.”


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