POLICE LOG: West Sac crime calls


  News items below are collected from police dispatchers’ notes and arrest reports. The information in them has often not been verified beyond the initial reports.  ‘Police Log’ appears every week in the News-Ledger, West Sacramento’s local paper. There’s a special subscription offer at the bottom of this page.

July 4, 12:03 a.m.
Officers responded to the report that a man was sitting on someone else’s Watercolor Lane porch, refusing to leave. They found the homeless man apparently drunk, with slurred speech and no idea where he was. The trespasser went to jail.

July 4, 12:08 a.m.
Police received a fireworks complaint on Hobson Avenue.

July 4, 12:20 a.m.
On the 1100-block of Virginia Street: “unknown suspects threw several bottle bombs.”

July 4, 4:28 a.m.
A stolen vehicle was recovered on the 1900-block of West Capitol Avenue:
“Fingerprint evidence collected & possible suspect info” obtained, reported an officer.

July 4, 8:29 a.m.
Police received a call regarding someone “tampering with vehicles” on F Street. An officer contacted a 42-year old homeless man nearby. The man turned out to be on parole from Sacramento, and after being read his Miranda rights, he “confessed to tampering with vehicles at the location of incident and stated he was out of compliance as a sex registrant.” His parole officers approved a “hold,” and the man was picked up and jailed.

July 4, 9:45 a.m.
A woman reported that her niece “threw a glass alcohol bottle through the rear window of her vehicle” in an incident on Kegle Drive.

July 4, 10:52 a.m.
Someone stole the catalytic converter from a Toyota 4-Runner parked on Andrus Island Court.

July 4, 12:30 p.m.
A police officer in a patrol car saw a vehicle following a woman who was walking southbound on Jefferson Boulevard.
“Driver appeared to be harassing the female and possibly attempting to solicit her for prostitution,” noted the officer. “Female confirmed the driver was bothering her. Driver found to have a suspended/revoked driver’s license. Driver cited and vehicle towed.”
The suspect was a 49-year old Elk Grove man.

July 4, 12:50 p.m.
An officer driving near 900 West Capitol Avenue saw a 32-year old Sacramento man riding a bike in the wrong direction against traffic. The officer turned on his lights to conduct a stop, but the cyclist began “pedaling faster.”
After three blocks, the cyclist jumped off the bike and got into a “prone position” at the Tower Bridge Gateway.
He turned out to be on probation from Sacramento. During a search, the officer found several contraband items wrapped in toilet paper in the man’s backpack: two packaged bags of a crystal substance that later turned out to be 4.5 grams of methamphetamine, a sandwich bag with two packages of a “green, leafy substance” that later tested as 2.2 grams of marijuana, and a drug pipe. The man went to jail.

July 4, 6:01 p.m.
A catalytic converter theft was reported from a vehicle parked on Pender Island Court.

July 4, 8:43 p.m.
Police began receiving a string of fireworks complaints from all over town. Between 8:43 p.m. and midnight, there were about 28 separate calls.

July 4, 10:22 p.m.
A father and his 24-year old son got into a fight on Citrus Street. Reported an officer:
“During the altercation, the (father) was kicked in the face and head area, losing consciousness.”
The son was arrested.

July 4, 11 p.m.
A woman at a West Capitol Avenue trailer park reported that someone had come in through a window and stolen cash and other items from her purse. The loss was about $903.

July 5
On Merkley Avenue:
“Three suspects assaulted the victim. One suspect tried to strike the victim with her vehicle.”
The victim was a 22-year old Sacramento man. One of the suspects was a Merkley Avenue woman.

July 5, 12:25 am.
An officer took a report from a woman on Fremont Street:
“Unknown suspect placed a firework inside victim’s vehicle. Major damage was caused to the vehicle.”

July 5, 12:40 a.m.
An officer contacted a 43-year old man being treated at a Sacramento hospital. He reported he had been assaulted in West Sacramento by a man and a woman with a purse. His shoulder was dislocated in the attack.

July 5, 1:45 a.m.
A man and woman got into an F Street storage center to remove some things from their storage unit — while the storage complex was closed. An officer cited them for trespassing, and released them.

July 5, 9 a.m.
A woman on Independence Avenue discovered her door had been vandalized.

July 5, 2:38 p.m.
A stolen vehicle was reported on Allan Avenue.

July 5, 6:19 p.m.
Two officers in a patrol car saw a 34-year old homeless man who “appeared lost” in an industrial area. As they drew to a stop, the man waved them down.
The man “apologized for being in the area (and) said he was looking for a friend. He consented to a pat-search, and said he was on parole.
An officer cuffed him and searched him, finding a glass pipe in one pocket of his jeans and a baggie with 0.79 grams of methamphetamine in another. The man’s parole office placed a “hold” on him, and he went to jail.

July 5, 9:02 p.m.
Police received several fireworks complaints beginning at this time, including calls from Olive Court, Sherman Island Road and Perkins Road.

July 5, 8:05 p.m.
A patrolling officer saw illegal “aerial fireworks” going off on the 500-block of North Harbor Blvd. He contacted an apartment, where “they provided me with four small bottle rockets.” The officer did not see who shot off the fireworks, and no arrest was made.

July 5, 8:30 p.m.
Police responded to a Riverpoint Court retail store where an 18-year old man from Douglas Street was being detained. A loss prevention officer at the store told a police officer that the man and three accomplices had tried to steal $1013 worth of items. The other three got away.
“I advised (the suspect) of his Miranda rights,” reported an officer, “which he told me he understood. (He) then told me he had been drinking alcohol with friends at the river when he came up with a ‘stupid idea’ to go to WalMart and steal merchandise that he could later sell to buy more alcohol.”

July 5, 1:57 p.m.
A north-city woman reported that her boyfriend had “used a sharpened piece of plastic that he obtained from a broken container to cut her several times on her right forearm” during an argument.  A responding officer noted several visible cuts on the arm, as well as some scratches on her chest that she attributed to the man “swinging his hands at her.”
The man went to jail.

July 6, 2:25 p.m.
Police responded to another north-area domestic violence incident and spotted a man “matching the suspect’s description” leaving the scene. The 30-year old ran several blocks before he was located hiding in a backyard.
The suspect turned out not to be the same one involved in the domestic violence call. But he was on parole, and the parole office asked for him to be jailed.

July 6, 8:30 p.m.
Police responded to a call at a Lake Washington Boulevard shopping center, finding a 34-year old man from Santa Lucia Place sitting in the driver’s seat of a running car. The man failed a field sobriety test, admitting to recently having some “oysters and beer.”
He went to jail on drunk driving charges.

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