Dead body found in West Sac fire

By Michele Townsend

At 5:20 a.m., on Saturday, Feb. 10, West Sacramento Firefighters were dispatched to a fire in an empty lot at 600 West Capitol Ave., arriving at the lot where the former Welcome Grove Motel and Trailer Park once stood, to find a small fire burning. Though the motel and trailer park have been cleared from the property, there are a few remnants still remaining of buildings that were once there. They found the fire within the concrete and “half walls” that sit back in the trees.
Once the fire was extinguished, it was then that they saw the charred human remains within the fire that they had just put out. They stopped what they were doing, and called in the police.
Police arrived at the scene; crime scene tape went up, and they began a death investigation. At this time, it is unknown if the burned remains are that of a man or a woman. A full forensics team was brought in to insure a complete workup of the scene.
West Sac Police Sgt. Roger Kinney said, “It is way to early to know if this person met with foul play. It may be a freak accident, or an unusual natural incident. We just don’t know yet.” He continued with “Could it be a crime? Yes. And if it is, we will handle it. But that’s what we have these folks out here for.”(Referring to the forensics team). The forensics team is conducting what they call “A total forensics station, with lasers and everything,” he said.
Crime scene investigators and several detectives are now gathering data and clues in hopes that they will be able to identify who this person is, and just exactly what happened. Kinney mentioned the homeless population in this area of West Sacramento, but said it is unknown if the lot was a camp. They plan on covering every inch, to gather the information that they need.

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