About Us

The News-Ledger is dedicated to serving the community of West Sacramento — California’s 444th city. The newspaper is published every Wednesday and is delivered to subscribers by mail. The News-Ledger puts the spotlight on local people, politics, crime, business, development and sports.

Julius Feher (a West Sacramento native who started his first newspaper when still a young teen!) and Michael P. Garten founded the News-Ledger. The first edition came off the presses on August 14, 1964. Mr. Feher died in 1988, and Mr. Garten continued as publisher until his own death in 2005.

The newspaper is now published by The News-Ledger, LLC, which is owned by Steve Marschke and Daryl Fisher. Both Mr. Fisher and Mr. Marschke have long ties to the News-Ledger.

Photographs come from  De’Onna Jack,  Eric Harding and others.  Mr. Harding also contributes as website developer.

Circulation assistance comes from Darrell Atkinson.

The News-Ledger is the official “newspaper of record” for the City of West Sacramento, exclusively publishing the city government’s legal notices.

The News-Ledger remains an independent local paper.

This is the online presence of the News-Ledger, which carries just a portion of the community news in print. To get all the news, subscribe to our print edition — look for the links at this site, or call (916) 371-8030.