The News-Ledger’s print edition is seen by over 2,000 families and businesses every week, and our advertising rates are very reasonable. Advertising falls into three categories:

‘Display Ads’ are typically those boxed ads you see with text information and perhaps a photo or company logo or other graphics.

‘Classified Ads’ are the relatively brief text ads that appear on the ‘Classified Advertising’ page, under headings such as ‘Help Wanted,’ ‘Apartments for Rent’ or ‘Landscaping Services.’

‘Legal Advertising’ are usually in smaller print, and are the kinds of advertising that are required for legal reasons.

Besides these three categories, will also include a few words below about placing an obituary in the News-Ledger.

Scroll down for more information on the kind of advertising you’re interested in.

Display ads are priced based on their size, with some discounts available if they run more than one week. Their size is measured by their width in columns (based on six columns per page) and their height in inches. The result gives you a measurement of “column inches.” The price is $5.75 per column inch.

Sample prices for black-and-white ads, at a standard rate of $5.75 per column inch:
‘Business Card’ size: $23.00 for one publication (actual size 2 columns wide by 2″ tall, or 3.5″ X 2″ tall)
‘Double Business Card’ size: $46 (actual size = 2 columns wide by 4″ tall, or 3.5″ wide X 4″ tall)
1/8 page: $90.56 (size = 3 columns wide X 5.25″ tall, or 5.5″ wide X 5.25″ tall)
1/4 page: $181.13 (size = 3 columns wide X 10.5″ tall, or 5.5″ wide X 10.5″ tall)
1/2 page: $362.25 (size = 6 columns wide X 10.5″ tall, or 11.125″ wide X 10.5″ tall)
Full page: $724.50 (size = 6 columns wide X 21″ tall, or 11.126″ wide X 21″ tall)

Adding color: To add one additional color besides black ink, add $40 to the cost of each ad. To run a ‘full color’ ad costs $60 in additional to the price for the ad space.

We currently offer two ad specials, but can sometimes offer other discounts for other long-running ads. Our current specials are:
BUSINESS CARD AD: with a six month contract, a business card ad costs only $39/month (a discount of over 60 percent from the standard rate). Ad size is 3.5″ wide (two columns) by 2″ tall.
DOUBLE BUSINESS CARD AD RATE: with a six month contract, an ad this size is only $79/month (a discount of over 60 percent). Ad size is 3.5″ wide X 4″ tall.
You may ask for an additional 10% discount if you prepay on one of these six-month contracts. While we do not accept credit card payments at this time for small individual ads, we do accept them for transactions of $75 or more.

We can accept PDF files for ads, and can help with ad layout (you can provide photos and logos in JPG format, as well as PDF graphics or graphics in TIFF or some other formats). Call (916) 371-8030 for help or to request our email address.

Deadline for our Wednesday publication is prior Friday, although ads requiring us to perform layout work should be submitted earlier. See our contact information near the bottom of this page.


We offer a ‘Local Rate’ for classified advertising that is designed to provide a simple, inexpensive service for our local subscribers and community members. This rate applies only when we are provided with the written text of a new ad and payment by cash or check only (no credit card) at the time of ad placement. This very low rate does not include special services such as advance ad proofs, order confirmation, payment billing, acceptance of a credit card, or tear sheets.

LOCAL RATE: $3.50 for up to 25 words, under the one- or two-word heading of your choice. Additional words are 10 cents each. (To run this ad twice would be $7; to run it four times would be $14, etc.)

Deadline is prior Friday. You may drop your ad off at our office (including the mail slot) at 1040 West Capitol Avenue, Suite B, West Sacramento CA 95691, or you may mail it to that address with payment.

We do not accept deceptive advertising.

If your classified ad needs special services, please visit us or call (916) 371-8030 for information. Our contact information is also at the bottom of this page.


Perhaps you need to publish a legal notice ad such as a ‘Fictitious Business Name Statement,’ an ‘Order to Show Cause for Change of Name,’ a ‘Notice of Petition to Administer Estate’ or a ‘Notice of Trustee’s Sale.’

The News-Ledger is a newspaper of general circulation for both the City of West Sacramento and the County of Yolo (we are adjudicated for both the city and county). Unless you have made prior arrangements with us, legal notices should be prepaid by cash or check. Here are our rates for commonly published notices:

OPEN RATE (except trustee’s sales): $5.50 per column inch after typesetting (based on a 7-column page). $40 minimum charge.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: $49 special rate if prepaid by check or cash only. We publish once a week for four weeks, as required, and we file a ‘proof of publication’ with the Yolo County Clerk and we mail you a copy of the proof after filing. The entire process takes around six weeks. Additional charges may apply if your FBNS includes more than three business names or more than three registrant names.
Simply visit our office (including our mail slot) or mail your Fictitious Business Name Statement (one of the file copies you received back from the County) and payment of $49 to the News-Ledger, 1040 West Capitol Avenue #B, West Sacramento, CA 95691.

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME: $60 is the typical fee to publish for four times and provide you with two copies of the proof of publication, which you will file with the court. Contact us in our office or at (916) 371-8030 for more information.

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE: Typically, the fee is $180 for us to publish this notice for three weeks and provide you with two copies of the proof of publication, which you will file with the court. Make sure to allow for adequate time for the whole publishing process when scheduling a court hearing. Contact us in our office or call Steve at (916) 371-8030 to place an ad.

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE: Fee varies depending on space required. $7.50 per column inch for each of the three weeks necessary to publish. Minimum charge is $140 total. Because we have a generous column width (only seven columns per page) our ad rate compares very well with that of other publications.  Please note that we offer a special deadline to provide extra flexibility to agency customers that handle ‘Notices of Trustee’s Sale’: deadline for these ads only is prior Monday at 5 p.m.
Call Steve at (916) 371-8030 or email


There’s often some confusion about how to place an obituary in the News-Ledger. There are two approaches to publishing information about a person who has recently died.

A NEWS OBITUARY: Our current policy is to consider the death of a person who has lived in West Sacramento to be ‘news.’ You may submit obituary information to us for consideration as a news item at no charge. We may use some of that information, and we may edit it, at our discretion. Please keep in mind that if we publish a ‘news’ obituary, we will edit to become a news article and not, for example, a message from the family.
Although there is no charge if we publish a news obituary, we do currently charge a $25 fee if you wish to submit a photo with the item.

PAID ‘DEATH NOTICE’: You may place a ‘Death Notice’ advertisement in our newspaper. If you do, you may choose the wording and the photo as you see fit, because it is a paid advertisement and not a news article. The cost will be based on the space needed (see our DISPLAY ADVERTISING rates above). Minimum charge is $75.

Deadline is prior Friday. See our contact information below.