The News-Ledger’s print edition is seen by over 2,000 families and businesses every week. Our advertising rates are very reasonable. Advertising falls into three categories:

Display Ads: are those boxed ads you see with text information and perhaps a photo or company logo or other graphics.
Home Improvement Ads: are single or double box ads that appear on the Home Improvement page.
Legal Advertising: are usually in smaller print and are the kinds of advertising that are legally required to be published in a newspaper that is adjudicated in Yolo County.

We accept PDF files for ads, and can help with ad layout (you can provide photos and logos in JPG format, as well as PDF graphics or graphics in TIFF). Call (916) 371-8030 for help or to request our email address.

Deadline for our Wednesday publication is prior Friday, although ads requiring us to perform layout work should be submitted earlier.

Legal Notice Advertising:
We publish the following Legal Notices
Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name Statement
Change of Name
Fictitious Business Name Statement
Judicial and Family Summons
Notice to Petition Administer Estate
Notice of Sale
Notice of Trustee Sale
Judicial and Family Summons

You may place an obituary notice in our newspaper. There is a $50 charge. You may choose the wording and the photo. Please provide us with a good quality JPG image should you desire a photo. We return all photos upon request. Deadline is prior Friday.
Mail: News-Ledger, 1040 W Capitol Ave., Ste. B, West Sacramento, CA 95691