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6-vehicle collision on eastbound I-80 left multiple individuals injured

A six vehicle major injury collision occurred on Wednesday, Oct. 25, at 2:54 p.m. off of Interstate 80 eastbound, west of Mace Boulevard, reported the California Highway Patrol.
After dispatch began receiving calls of the collision, officers assigned to the CHP Woodland Area office responded to the collision scene.
Preliminary reports indicate, a silver Buick driven by Peter Carlino (of Roseville) was traveling eastbound on Interstate 80 in the left lane. Traffic came to a stop in front of his location. Carlino was unable to slow or stop the Buick prior to colliding with the rear of a gray Ford, driven by Eric Ringseth (of Vallejo), in the left lane ahead of him.
The Ford was pushed forward in a southeasterly direction where it collided with a green Nissan, driven by Travis Stidger (of Citrus Heights), also in the left lane and a white Dodge, driven by David Tyler (of Sacramento), in the middle lane.
As a result of the collision between the green Nissan and the gray Ford, the Nissan was pushed forward in an easterly direction where it collided with a silver Hyundai, driven by Leslie Banes (of Sacramento), in the left lane. In an attempt to avoid a collision, Lorraine Plass (of Healdsburg), driving another silver Buick, changed lanes from the right lane to the left lane where she collided with the silver Hyundai. Following the collision, the injured parties were transported to UC Davis Medical Center.
Alcohol and/or drugs are not a factor in this collision. Anyone with information regarding this collision is encouraged to contact the California Highway Patrol Woodland Area office at (530) 662-4685.

Elementary Students Plan, Pack, and Protect as Part of California Flood Preparedness Week

By Monica Stark

Stonegate third graders watch employees from the Department of Water Resources simulate a flood with a model they brought to the school in honor of California Flood Preparedness Week. / Photo by Monica Stark

Stonegate third graders watch employees from the Department of Water Resources simulate a flood with a model they brought to the school in honor of California Flood Preparedness Week. / Photo by Monica Stark

“Plan, pack, protect. Plan, pack, protect.” Repeating the chant third graders at Stonegate Elementary School demonstrated their knowledge of flood preparedness in front of city officials, members of the Department of Water Resources and the Army Corp of Engineers.
Asked by City of West Sacramento Council Member Quirina Orozco what the students should do in case of a flood, raising their hands, children answered various ideas for their families’ safety. From carrying flood insurance to keeping a plan of where to go, students also got to participate in interactive exercises including the DWR’s flood simulation model and the Flood Challenge computer came which teaches how to plan, pack and protect for a flood emergency.
Additionally, city officials provided updates on the Southport Levee Improvement Project, the 5.6-mile levee improvement project designed to meet 200-year flood protection that stretches from just south of the barge canal tot eh city’s southern boundary along the Sacramento River. This year, the project construction includes: clearing, grubbing, and demolition of structures, utility relocation and re-establishment of access for affected property owners, completed setback levee embankment of 12,700 linear feet, completed slurry wall construction and construction from behind Bees Lake to the southern setback levee limits. Next year, the improvement project will include completing the setback levee and slurry wall, connecting the setback levee to fix in place reaches, excavate off-set area to prepare for an off-set area construction and mitigation.

Woodland Man Graduates from Mental Health Court

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced today that on Monday September 25, 2017, 41-year-old Davis resident Gary Wight successfully graduated from Mental Health Court in Department Four of the Yolo County Superior Court.

Mental Health Court (MHC) is a minimum 18-month court-based treatment and monitoring system for adult offenders with serious mental illness. MHC is designed to increase the treatment engagement of the participants while reducing both arrests and jail time both during and after their involvement and participation in the program. The program is a collaborative effort between the Yolo County Superior Court, Probation, Health and Human Services Agency, the Public Defender, and the District Attorney.

Mr. Wight’s parents, Linda and Tom who are both from Woodland, joined him for the graduation ceremony. Linda Wight regularly attended Mental Health Court hearings from November 23, 2015, when Gary entered the program, through his graduation almost two year later. Mrs. Wight spoke at the graduation ceremony and expressed her gratitude for the MHC program. “The atmosphere in Mental Health Court is the best in the world! When an entire team is collaboratively working in support of the client, success is possible. There is no comparison between walking into this space and walking into a traditional criminal justice courtroom where the clients arrive in stripes and chains. Our family is most appreciative of being a part of this opportunity.”

The Honorable Janet Gaard is the judge assigned to Mental Health Court. Judge Gaard presided over Monday’s proceedings and congratulated Mr. Wight stating, “Gary has been an inspiration to each of us on the MHC team, and he reminds all of us that, when we work together, we can do great things to help people improve their own lives and those of the people around them.”

Courtroom Artist Vicki Behringer volunteered to draw some sketches of the graduation ceremony. One of the court sketches from the event depicts Judge Gaard presenting Gary with a Mental Health Court graduation certificate. The other sketch depicts Deputy Public Defender Bret Bandley, who represented Gary Wight, addressing his former client at the graduation ceremony. The sketches can be seen on the District Attorney’s website at the following web address

Mr. Bandley congratulated Mr. Wight “on his accomplishments and the great change I have seen in him while in MHC.” He further expressed that Gary is a great example for the other participants in this program to follow.

District Attorney Jeff Reisig commended Mr. Wight for his hard work during the 22-months he was in the program commenting, “Mental Health Court’s collaborative process results in increased treatment engagement for participants such as Mr. Wight who gained valuable insight into his mental health along with the ability to better manage it. This program has proved to be a successful way to address those suffering from mental illness who find themselves in the criminal justice system.”

West Sac heroes earn their capes: Senator Dr. Richard Pan’s “Unsung Heroes” celebrated with awards at the State Capitol

By Michele Townsend

20170926_110440Twelve recipients (two of them from West Sacramento!) were awarded their hero capes and senatorial certificates in a small gathering on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at the State Capitol.
Senator Dr Richard Pan, with the assistance of Senator Kevin McCarty, called up each person that has received the Unsung Hero Award for each of the last 12 months. Pan explained why he chose each person and some of the wonderful things that they do for their communities. The heroes then stepped up for photos, handshakes, a beautiful gold embossed certificate… and their red, satin, hero cape…. complete with the “Unsung Hero” logo on it!
Pan explained that “it all started in 2015 when those four college students stopped a terrorist from shooting up a train in France. We got to talking about them being heroes, and how many people in our own community that, on an on-going basis, that really do so much to help our community and bring us closer together.” He wanted to highlight their stories and inspire other people to follow in their footsteps. He said, “The Unsung Hero Program is to shine the spotlight on those wonderful people that do so many great things for their neighborhoods and communities… often without any recognition.” He went on to say, “Through your work, your hobby, your passion… you are making a profound impact. These are the people, along with the people supporting these people, that make Sacramento such an amazing place!”
McCarty reiterated this train of thought when he said, “It is true that we often recognize heroes on the sports fields, heroes in life, and box office…and they do call us honorable…but ordinary people doing extraordinary things… throughout history… those are the ones who have made the biggest difference!”
Among the 12 recipients are two shining West Sacramento residents. Jose (Joe or Jojo) Ramirez, a local youth umpire and referee who is known through sports by several generations throughout the Sacramento area. He is encouraging to kids, and keeping the games fun!
Additionally, Leah Nelson, now 11 years old, was chosen as an Unsung Hero for starting “BecuzIcare” bracelets. These bracelets are handed out for a simple reason: to brighten someone’s day. She simply hands one to someone who looks like they could use some cheering up, and asks that when you see someone who might needs a boost of happiness to please pass it on to them, and ask them to do the same.
Leah told the News-Ledger, “I feel excited that I’m making a difference and that I’m impacting the community.” Leah also has a GoFundMe account on Facebook at HYPERLINK “″ if you would like to help her continue to spread kindness.
The remaining Unsung Heroes recognized included: Kay Temple Kirk –Program Manager for Gender Health Center, Chariss Fong – Teacher at Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, Carol McNerney – volunteer at Hart Senior Center, Ron Marshall – Volunteer for Sacramento Veteran’s Resources, Shonna McDaniels – Founder of Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum, Dino Alleger – Children’s Bike Programs including safety, repair and events, Teresa Kahl – volunteer docent, ambassador and horticulture assistant for the Sacramento Zoo, Yannina Casillas – advocate with Council on American-Islamic Relations, Jesse Archer – Youth Program Coordinator at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, and Dr. Vernon Walton – retired pediatrician.
Ramirez summed it up nicely when he said, in part, “I was honored to be among so many great recipients… especially Leah because she is such a young great community legend!”
Congratulations heroes!!
Thank you for being the change that you wish to see in the world.