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Free sailboat rides day on Lake Washington


By Steve Liddick

Sailing requires wind, doesn’t it? But 40-knot gusts were a little too much for those who turned out for the Lake Washington Sailing Club’s annual “Free Sailboat Rides Day. Still, a respectable crowd gathered to look at boats owned by the club and those stored at the site by members—and in the hope of diminished winds to allow them to get out on the water. A few brave souls did get to take a spin around the lake in one of the larger, heavier boats.

The LWSC has been in operation since 1933 and holds the event to attract the general public and encourage new memberships. “It’s an opportunity for the public to enjoy sailing,” club Commodore Tom Heavey said. “Members don’t even have to own a boat.”

Indeed, the club just bought eight Sunfish sailboats which they rent to members for just five dollars a day. Several Laser sailboats have also been purchased and are expected to also eventually be put into rental service.

Before the novice sailors get to take their first solo run, they have to go through a training period. “It’s an extensive course,” Heavey said. “They have to learn sailing, rigging, and how to safely utilize the equipment.” Part of the training includes purposely flipping the boat over in the water and righting it again. Scary to think about, but not difficult to do.
The club also encourages young people to get into sailing and sponsors high school students from Davis, Rio Americano and Jesuit. “The students train together and then they compete against each other,” Heavey said.

Not all club activities involved sailing and the general public is invited to most of them: A monthly Sunday barbecue and the annual Delta Ditch Run, a regatta in early August that that takes about six hours to get from Rio Vista to the club’s Lake Washington location. There is a fee to participate and the racers enjoy a barbecue at the end of the trip.

In November there is the annual “Turkey Shoot.” No, turkeys are not shot, it is a sailing race. Winners get . . . you guessed it . . . turkeys.

A booth was set up at the event to explain the club’s functions and attractions and to hand out membership applications. Organizers say they typically get about a dozen new members at the annual gathering.

The annual membership fee is $140 (pro-rated on a monthly basis), plus a $50 initiation fee and a $25 key deposit. West Sacramento residents get a discount. A single parking sticker is included.

Membership also requires 12 hours of volunteer work, which could include building and boat maintenance, running a membership booth, working a barbecue event, and many other activities.

For more information and directions, check the Lake Washington Sailing Club’s website at

Straight Out of Broderick

By Michele Townsend

homeless feed Can you imagine living in the town that you grew up in, and as an adult, seeing your former schoolmates being a large part of the local homeless community? As a long time local, you know that many of them are in the situation that they are in due to a death in the family, or a house fire, or some other tragedy that changed lives so drastically that your friends are now in this brutal and challenging way of living. You see other members of the community look down on your friends, and judge them. You see your friends struggle with virtually every aspect of life. Simple needs, such as using the restroom, become an ordeal because other people seem to be afraid. Anita Drake grew up in Broderick, and that is exactly where she finds herself. She has former schoolmates, and long time friends, that are in just these situations. The difference between her, and many of us, is that she decided to do something about it. Anita doesn’t run a shelter, or have large amounts of funding coming in to help her, but that hasn’t stopped her. For the last six months she, along with her friends and family, gather up everything that they can during the month so that on the last Sunday of the month she can hold a “Homeless feed”, which is now called Straight Out of Broderick. Anita leads her friends and family as they set up behind Walgreen’s on West Capitol Ave., and they hold a BBQ for our local homeless.
Anita has intentionally done this on Sunday’s, so that there are no conflicts with most of the surrounding businesses in that area. Her team hands out food, clothes, shoes and toiletries. Last month they even prepared a complete Easter dinner. Anita said “I have made a lot of new friends since I have been doing this. We get together, help each other out however we can. We eat together, have good company and pray together”. She also said that on Easter a homeless gentleman came up to her and said “I’ve been waiting for you all day.” When she asked him why he told her that he wanted to give her his last five dollars to help out. She told him “Sir, I don’t want your last five dollars. I am trying to help YOU. When is the last time that you had mashed potatoes and gravy? When is the last time that you had ice cream, or pie? Keep your money sir, and enjoy your meal.” She then gave him a pair of socks. It was then that the gentleman sat down with such appreciation, that they both got teary eyed.
homeless feed2 Anita was recently contacted by the City of West Sacramento, and told that she could no longer hold her feed at that location, but that she could move it to 500 Jefferson Blvd. She can use the parking lot of the welfare office. It sounds like things are coming together. However Anita is concerned that those people with carts, as well as those people that have difficulties walking, will have problems getting to the new location. In addition, she is unsure of how she will notify them. This month, her meal will not be on the last Sunday of the month however. The meal in April will be held on Sunday, April 24th, at 12 noon.
If you would like to make a donation to Anita, and her cause you may call her at 798-5603. You can also follow her on Straight Out of Broderick, on Facebook. She accepts donations of food, money, clothes, shoes, socks, towels, and toiletries. Five pairs of socks from the dollar store go a long way! If you have any questions, or would like to help out, give Anita a call. You have the power to put a big smile on somebody’s face.

March Drought Spotlight Honoree – Diane in Southport

By the city of West Sacramento

upcloseWhile running through the neighborhoods of West Sacramento, Diane loved how much color and variety she saw in other people’s front yards. These landscapes seemed like inviting places to relax. Her lawn, however, was just a place to walk by. On a winter day in the second year of the drought, she and her spouse decided to replace their grass and dead tree with a real sitting area, full of colorful plants that would provide variety all year round. Not only is their new front yard beautiful, it requires very little water. In fact, their water usage has been cut by more than half.

Diane used Next Door to inform the city about her drought tolerant yard. If you would like to nominate your yard, or someone else’s, email or call 617-5025. You can also use Next Door to make a nomination, as well as stay informed about neighborhood events. Visit to get started.

To learn how you can make the change with your landscape, visit these sites:
Save Our Water – Landscaping 101
Be Water Smart – Top Ways to Save
EcoLandscape California – Design Plans for The New California Landscape
Beyond the Drought – Smart Irrigation Scheduler

West Sacramento Prepares for Storms, Possible Flooding

A flood watch has been issued for Yolo County and surrounding communities in anticipation of heavy rains over the next several days. The National Weather Service says excessive rainfall on already saturated soils and swollen rivers will likely result in some minor flooding through Sunday.

The City of West Sacramento and the Yolo County Office of Emergency Services are working together to monitor the situation and provide helpful information to the public.

Residents are urged to take caution around rising rivers and streams. Motorists are advised to avoid flooded streets and to be on the lookout for debris on the roads resulting from strong winds and runoff.

The West Sacramento Fire Department’s Office of Emergency Services will be providing continuous monitoring of the weather and river levels; and general situation status.

Public Works has increased staff levels to handle any storm related issues, including downed trees and detours around flooded streets.

Sandbags are being made available for residents and businesses. See sandbag location map.

The West Sacramento Police Department has conducted patrols along the river to inform the public of potential river levels rising.

The Reclamation Districts are monitoring levee conditions, and during periods of heavy rain checking the function of the internal drainage system 24 hours a day.

What can you do?
Register with Yolo Alert to receive messages about important public safety information.
Keep your cell phones charged.
Have a flashlight and batteries in case the power goes out.
Have an emergency kit at home and in your car.
For information regarding current river levels, please visit the California Data Exchange Center.

Additional resources:
National Weather Service Forecast
National Weather Service YouTube Channel
City of West Sacramento Website
Yolo County Office of Emergency Services
West Sac Flood Protect