New West Sac water restrictions allow for watering just once a week

New West Sac water restrictions allow for watering just once a week

The West Sacramento City Council has given City Manager Martin Tuttle authority to declare a stage 3 Water Shortage Contingency Plan in order to reach the mandatory 28% water use reduction required More »

“State of the City” Address: Continued growth, innovative partnerships making West Sac “magical”

“State of the City” Address: Continued growth, innovative partnerships making West Sac “magical”

In his annual keynote address to a dinner crowd of 270 inside City Hall on May 5, Mayor Christopher Cabaldon both touted several current achievements and announced some new initiatives and projects, More »

Remembering  Steve Marschke

Remembering Steve Marschke

Steve Marschke, the longtime publisher and editor of this paper, has died. I have never liked that word, since it sounds so harsh and final, and when I edit the obituaries here More »


Luis Macias, founder of family-run West Sac jewelry business, dies

The Macias family at Crest Jewelers, in 2003: Chris, Lou, Adelina and Steven (News-Ledger photo)



Note: Lou Macias, the founder and longtime owner of West Sacramento’s Crest Jewelers, passed away this past week. He was a remarkable man who through dedication and hard work created one of West Sacramento’s most highly-esteemed family businesses, which is still going strong after 45 years. He was also a wonderful husband and father and the following article, which I wrote way back in the 1990’s, is reprinted below in Lou’s memory.

Luis “Lou” Macias grew up in Tucumcari, New Mexico, and that is where his wife, Adelina, met him.

“Luis was different from all the other boys,” recalled Adelina. “He had ambition and drive and he didn’t mind hard work. I knew right away that he would make something of his life. Plus it didn’t hurt that he was also very good looking.”

While he was going to school, Luis worked as a projectionist in the local movie theater.

“That was a great job,” remembered Luis, “but I knew there wasn’t much of a future in it, so a few years after I got out of school I went to work with three of my uncles in the cement finishing business. The work was a lot harder than sitting around in a movie house, but I got to travel a lot and I ended up really loving that job, too.”

Always on the lookout for a new challenge, in 1957 Luis moved to Sacramento and decided to give the jewelry business a try.

“I worked as an apprentice for ten years at Werner Wholesale Jewelers on 15th and I streets in downtown Sacramento,” explained Luis, “and I learned mostly by watching and doing. The hours were long, but the work was always interesting, and I picked up things pretty fast. To be a good jeweler you have to stay up with all the new ways of doing your job. Things are always changing and you have to really enjoy those kinds of challenges if you want to succeed in any business, especially the jewelry business.”

DARYL FISHER, News-Ledger columnist

In 1957 Luis decided to open up his own jewelry business on Merkley Avenue in West Sacramento.

“We decided to call it Crest Jewelers,” said Luis, “and if I had known how hard it was going to be in the beginning, I might have had second thoughts. We weren’t able to purchase a lot of product at first and we had a shoe-string budget, but with the help of a wonderful jeweler named Eli Kitade, who went out of his way to help me as much as he possibly could, the business kept slowly growing and before long we were doing very well.”

While Luis was working 15 to 18 hours a day, Adelina was at home taking care of their six growing children.

“West Sacramento turned out to be a great place to raise the children,” said Adelina. “The schools were very good and there were always lots of young people for my children to play with. I really enjoyed staying at home with the children. That was where I was needed and it was a joy to be with them.”

Luis is now semi-retired and Crest Jewelers, which is now located at 1296 West Capitol Avenue in the Safeway Shopping Center, is in the competent hands of two of Luis’s sons, Steven and Chris.

“I learned the jewelry business pretty much the same way my father did,” said Steven, “by watching and doing. When I was very young, I always enjoyed being at the jewelry store and I still do. Although we continue to serve people who have shopped here for decades, we also get new customers every single day and it’s fun to be part of a family business that has been going strong for over 30 years.”

  In addition to creating their own custom-made jewelry, Crest Jewelers also does watch and ring repair and just about everything else one might expect to find in a jewelry store many times its size.

Longtime West Sacramentan Barbara Moore said, “I went to school with Steve Macias and my family has been shopping at Crest Jewelers for as long as I can remember. The diamond in my wedding ring is from Crest, and not only do they always do excellent work, but when I walk in the door, they want to know everything that’s been going on with me and my family. They really care about their customers and that’s pretty rare these days. I love shopping at Crest Jewelers!”

Verna Ellis, whose late husband, Marvin, owned and operated Schirmer’s Jewelers in West Sacramento in the late 1960s and early 1970s said, “Marvin used to always say that Lou Macias was one of the best watchmakers in the whole state, and certainly the best he had ever seen. He said Lou wasn’t just a mechanic, but a real artist at what he did. Plus his entire family is so friendly and helpful and West Sacramento is so lucky to have such a fine jewelry store.”

“We’ve always been very proud of the work we do here,” said Luis. “It took more guts than brains to get it started, but God has been very good to me and my family.”

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How to retire that Christmas tree:


What’s the responsible thing to do with that Christmas tree when it’s time has past?

Here are a few options:

You can ‘treecycle’ it at the Yolo County Landfill, where it will be turned into mulch for reuse. Remove all decorations before bringing it in. You can also recycle old electronics such as TVs, computers, monitors (and papers, plastics, cans and bottles) at the landfill at 44090 C.R. 28H between Davis and Woodland. The facility will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Normal hours are 6:30-4 on Monday-Saturday, and Sundays 9-5. Visit or call (530) 666-8729.

You can also set the tree curbside for pickup with your regular garbage and recycling service. trip it of all tinsel and other decorations. Cut it into pieces (less than about 3’) to fit inside your yard waste cart, or place the pieces next to the cart on your service day.

Or take it to Whitey’s Jolly Kone (1300 Jefferson Blvd.) between 9-3 on Sat., Jan. 7, where local Cub Scouts will help recycle the tree (donations to the Cubs are welcome.

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Students, volunteers plant trees in Yolo nature preserve

Cache Creek Nature Preserve will monitor and support newly planted trees (Courtesy of the County of Yolo)

NEWS-LEDGER — DEC 21, 2011 —

From Beth Gabor
Yolo County Information Officer

On Dec. 13, the Cache Creek Conservancy, the Sacramento Tree Foundation and the Center for Land-Based Learning partnered to plant 200 native trees and shrubs on the grounds of Yolo County’s Cache Creek Nature Preserve in Western Yolo County.  Follow up instruction on tree identification, monitoring techniques and how to use handheld GPS devices will be provided in February.

“This collaborative project illustrates the potential for local students to play a central role in positive work for the environment, while learning about career opportunities,” said Yolo County Supervisor Duane Chamberlain in a county press release.

  The Cache Creek Conservancy, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the restoration of the lower Cache Creek corridor, manages the Cache Creek Nature Preserve which is owned by Yolo County.  The conservancy coordinated the tree planting and maintains all plantings for a period of three years.

The Sacramento Tree Foundation, whose mission is to grow healthy, livable communities in the Sacramento region by building the best regional urban forest in the nation, provided the native trees and shrubs and assisted with the planting, including instructional demonstrations.  The foundation will assist with the educational program in February.

The Center for Land-Based Learning is dedicated to creating the next generation of farmers and teaching youth about the importance of agriculture and watershed conservation.  The center’s SLEWS (Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship) program teaches high school students about habitat restoration and protection while working on active projects.  By including students in habitat restoration, SLEWS addresses the need for healthier land and more wildlife habitat, and instills conservation and stewardship values in high school students.

Yolo County’s Cache Creek Nature Preserve is open to the public 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  A weekend open day is held on the third Saturday of each month, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  For more information about these programs, contact:

Cache Creek Conservancy, Lynnel Pollock/Christopher Gardner, (530) 661-1070,

Sacramento Tree Foundation, Kelly Rathburn, (916) 924-8733,

Center for Land-Based Learning, Nina Suzuki, (530) 795-1544,

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How to get your Fictitious Business Name Statement published in a Yolo County newspaper:

  If you need to publish a “fictitious business name statement” in a Yolo County newspaper, we can help. It’s easy and inexpensive with the News-Ledger. Here’s how you do it:

An example of a stamped & filed Fictitious Business Name Statement in Yolo County. We just need one of these and a check for $39 to publish it for you. Please write your phone number at the top before sending it to us.

An example of a stamped & filed Fictitious Business Name Statement in Yolo County. We just need one of these and a check for $49 to publish it for you. Please write your phone number at the top before sending it to us.  You can download a blank copy of a Fictitious Business Name Statement from Yolo County’s website, here.

Give us:

1. One of the certified copies of the Fictitious Business Name Statement that you received back from the Yolo County Clerk . Please make sure everything is legible, and please write your phone number near the top (we won’t publish your phone number). If anything may be hard for us to read, especially if it is handwritten, please clarify it in a separate note.

2. A check to the News-Ledger (or money order or cash) for $49. If you want to pay by credit card, we can do that, too.  See the FAQ section below.

You can mail the check and form to:


P.O. Box 463

West Sacramento CA 95691

Or you can drop it off here:


1040 West Capitol Avenue, Suite B

West Sacramento CA 95691

(There is a mail slot in the door for after-hours drop-off)

Once you’ve done this, we’ll publish your statement once a week (on Wednesdays) for four consecutive weeks. After that, we will file a “proof of publication” with the County. After that, we’ll send you a copy of that “proof,” stamped by the County, for your files – there’s nothing else for you to do. The County wants you to renew your County filing every five years (when you do, ask them if you need to publish again.)

For most of you, that’s about all you need to know. But below are some of the most commonly asked questions, and their answers:



Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we can take payment by Visa or Mastercard.  To submit an order this way, email a clean copy of your Fictitious Business Name Statement (one that has already been filed with the county) to (don’t forget that hyphen in “news-ledger”!).  You can send us a JPG or PDF.  Include your phone number with your email and we will phone you to finish the order.  You may also mail a copy of the form to us or drop it off at our office, with a note to call you for Visa/Mastercard info.


Can I email you or fax you my order?

Yes, you can email or fax your order if you wish to pay by Visa or Mastercard.  Send us a clean JPG or PDF of your Fictitious Business Name Statement (one that you have already filed with the county), and your phone number so we can call you for credit card info.

Email:  (don’t forget the hyphen in “news-ledger”!)

Fax: (916) 371-8055


I haven’t started the process.  Where do I start?

Start with the office of the Yolo County Clerk, here.  Go there to see their fees and instructions.  You will also find a link to download a blank “Fictitious Business Name Statement” form; it’s under “Applicable Forms” on the left of their page.


I’m going to mail my order to you, and I live in another town. How do I know you received my order and started publishing it?

If you wish for us to confirm receipt of your order, please include a note asking for confirmation by email, along with your email address. If you need a receipt, please tell us and  include a self-addressed stamped envelope.


How does long does this take?

Once we receive your order, allow about six to eight weeks until you get your final filed “proof of publication” back from us.


I’m worried about the deadline. The County says that “publishing is required within 30 days from the date of filing.”

The County wants you to BEGIN publishing within 30 days of the date you filed with them. If you are going to miss this 30-day window and you want to know if problems may result, it’s best to talk to the County Clerk/Recorder’s office at (530) 666-8130. We can’t give you legal advice, but it’s safe to say that missing their deadline by a little bit does not always cause problems. Situations may vary  And keep in mind that we publish weekly on Wednesdays, and our deadline is prior Friday.


How much does it cost to publish an “Abandonment of Use of Fictitious Business Name” or a “Withdrawal from Use of Fictitious Business Name” statement?

Also $49. Same process.


I am filing more than one name for my business, or more than one name in the ownership.  Does that cost more to publish?

If you are filing different statements, then each different statement costs $49 to publish here.

If you have several names on the same statement (up to five business names and five owners) then it is still $49. If you have more, please call us at (916) 371-8030 or email for details.


Driving directions: how do I get to your office to place an order?

We’re at:

1040 West Capitol Ave., Suite B

West Sacramento.

We’re generally open weekdays 10-5, but we’re a small office and sometimes we step out. There is a mail slot in the door. Feel free to call first, (916) 371-8030. We don’t keep much change on hand.

General driving instructions from US 50 (the freeway between downtown Sacramento and Davis):

— Take the Jefferson Boulevard exit in West Sacramento and go north, driving back under the freeway.

— Turn right at West Capitol Avenue (Walgreens, Chase Bank)

— Go past city hall (it’s on your left, with three tall flagpoles)

— Immediately after that, there will be a traffic light at Merkley. Turn left there and drive in past the Subway sandwich shop. Continue in to the next small office building. We’re there.


How do I find out more about filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement with Yolo County?

Contact them here:

Yolo County Clerk/Recorder

625 Court St, Room B-01 (downstairs)

Woodland CA 95695

(530) 666-8130

Yolo County’s web page on this subject is:




P.O. Box 463

1040 W Capitol Ave. Suite B

West Sacramento CA 95691

(916) 371-8030

‘Heart of the City’: youth sports roundup


DON SCHATZEL: 'Heart of the City' columnist for the News-Ledger

By Don Schatzel

Champions all!

I hope your holiday season was  a happy and joyous one.

Youth sports in our community continue to be an enormous success and a source of community pride.

The Washington Unified School District girls Volleyball and boys flag football seasons came to an exciting  conclusion. Flag football was played at River City High School, under the lights in the football stadium. Final score: Southport 20, Riverbank 14.

Don’t look away this is a lightning-fast game, and if you blink, you risk missing a great play or touchdown.

Quarterback Khari Reiching threw three touchdown passes and Oscar Kee caught the winning TD pass with 16 seconds left in the game. Southport finished with a record of 6-1. Cody Martin and Daniel Thweatt were recognized   by  Coach Matt Ainsworth for outstanding play on defense.

  Girls volleyball  had a great season concluding in an almost-packed house at the River City gym. Bridgeway Island defeated Westmore Oaks in two games, 25-18   and 25-12.

Real volleyball, with classic bump, set and spike moves are on their way. Finally, we’ll have some Northern California High School teams beat the So Cal teams in the state finals and it starts here with youth programs like this.

Taylor Jacke and Jordan Criswell had great games and Michaela Faaif had an unstoppable jump serve. Bridgeway only miscued on five serves during the entire two games. That was definitely the winning difference in the games.

Girls basketball has started for WUSD as their successful after-school sports program continues.
On the soccer “pitch”:

West Sacramento Soccer  conducts and participates in  District Cup tournaments at the end of each season,  followed by District Cup championship games.

This soccer district is enormous, stretching from Rocklin to Placerville to Elk Grove and Woodland, and involves teams in all age groups willing to participate in the District Cup and test their skills and abilities against their age groups top teams. It’s not  a journey for the timid or weak at heart!

The District Cup starts out with a three-game tournament played in one weekend. Then the winner of that tournament plays the winner of a similar tournament being held at the same time in the Cup Final a week later. This year the Cup finals were played in West Sacramento at Bryte Park and on a synthetic turf field Bartholomew Sports Complex in El Grove.

Congratulations to the Under 19 girls team coached by Sam Montoya. The local soccer squad defeated Clarksburg in Elk Grove, 2-1, to win the District cup.

An ecstatic Coach Sam Montoya was quoted: “We started the year practicing five days a week and it ended in a District Championship., It was all worth it and that’s what it takes to win.”

Xandrea Montoya hit a free kick at a severe left angle ten yards out late in the second half to win the game. Goalie Jessica Trussel was outstanding, only giving up the one goal.

The Under 12 girls team Arsenal made it all the way to the District Cup Championship Game in Elk Grove  with an undefeated season, but fell 1-0 to North Natomas.

Vanessa Hensley and  Julie Lara played outstanding games. Arsenal had a great season representing the Under 12’s and were undefeated  in the season and Cup until the finals.

The under-14 Hooligans, coached by Dale Calles, dropped a heart-breaker in the third game of their tournament to North Natomas, losing 1-0. They did so completely dominating the game in every aspect  and having tied North Sacramento 2-2  and defeated Roseville 2-0  in previous torunament games.

Games were played at Kokomo Park in Natomas. Julianna Calles, Cara Talbott and Steffanie Jimenez played great games for West Sacramento in their first Under 14 age group District Cup.

Thanks to all the West Sacramento Soccer volunteers and the City of West Sacramento for conducting the tournament at Bryte Park.

“Tis’ the season” also for a sport of a different kind.

Led by President Jason Williams, in its “Trots for Tots,” The West Sacramento Trail Riders – all 20 strong including horses – delivered over $300 of toys to the West Sacramento Fire Department for kids in the community. All riders converged at Davis Road  and the Clarksburg Trail and rode as a group with decorated-for-the-season horses up the trail to the  fire station. WSTRA has a pony club and lots of room for youth members if interested. Look for the group on Facebook.

Centennial Rotary Club of West Sacramento conducted their annual holiday lunch and gift giving. Santa and Mrs. Claus visited the Collings Teen Center. Rotarians Charlie Moore, Tony Schwall, Armando Omega, Walt James, Catherine Van Diest, Tom Engle, Ron Morazzini and Carol Thomas  all participated by serving food and helping Santa distribute gifts to the teen center center participants.

Youth sports and community involvement: the Heart of the City!

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Fireworks tonight: 9 p.m. & midnight

Fireworks will shoot from the West Sacramento waterfront up into the skies above Old Sacramento tonight, in a 10-minute show at 9 p.m. and a nearly-15 minute show scheduled for midnight.

The shows are in celebration of New Year’s Eve, and sponsored by and the Sacramento Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

The midnight show will be set to music broadcast simultaneously on FM 96.9, The Eagle.

The fireworks are intended for viewing from Old Sac, but will no doubt be seen from vantage points near Raley Field and River Walk Park in West Sacramento as well. Pay-parking will be available in Old Sacramento and near Raley Field.

The Tower Bridge will be closed to vehicles for safety from 7:30 p.m. to midnight. It will also be closed to pedestrians from 15 minutes before and after each show.

The fireworks will be complimented by a number of concerts and activities in Old Sac tonight from 6:30 p.m to 12:30 a.m.

For more information, visit


Dixon gets best of RC boys

Michael Briscoe drives to the basket during last week’s tight matchup for the RCHS j.v. squad (Photo by DE’ONNA JACK)


On Dec. 20, the River City High School boys basketball teams faced Dixon Rams.

Dixon pretty much controlled the freshman and varsity games, while the JV game was tighter. In the junior varsity match, River City was down, and came back to take the lead with just a few seconds left. Dixon answered at the buzzer to win the game

Final scores for the Dixon victories were:  Freshman 65-36; JV 44-45; varsity 71-60. The Raider varsity is now 5-5 overall.

River City’s boys teams will be back home again on January 13  when they will face Union Mine.

River City girls basketball takes its 11-1 record into the Lincoln Tournament today. The squad plays at home next on Jan. 6, hosting Galt with a varsity game time of 7:30 p.m. at the RCHS gym.

Jose Chacon in action for the River City varsity in play against the Dixon Rams last week (Photo by DE’ONNA JACK)

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