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The News-Ledger accepts your news tips and press releases.  There are two important things to remember:

— We are dedicated to covering the City of West Sacramento, California, which includes ZIP codes 95691 and 95605. Despite its name, West Sacramento is not part of Sacramento.
We do have a small regional calendar for community events in the region that are very close to West Sacramento, but mostly we do not have space to cover news and events outside of West Sacramento.

— We generally do not use press releases that are of a commercial nature. We do accept paid advertising. See the “Advertise” tab under “Contact Us.”

We publish on Wednesdays, and our deadline for almost all items is prior Friday at 5 p.m.  Late submissions can sometimes be accommodated, but your chance of success will improve if you submit your news item on time or as close to the deadline as possible.

We also welcome submissions of opinion (letters to the editor) on topics of local interest.

How do you submit a news item to us?
Here are a few ways:

BY MAIL or IN PERSON (there is a mail slot in the door for use after hours):
1040 W Capitol Ave., Suite B
West Sacramento CA 95691
(use the next driveways east of City Hall, on the same side of the street. We’re in the second building.)

We would like to speak with you about your news item before providing our fax number or email address.  This helps us stay off of unwanted email and fax lists. Rest assured, if you are trying to publish a non-commercial community event in West Sacramento, we want to work with you.
Please phone (916) 371-8030 for email or fax contact information.

With any news or opinion submission, please include your name and phone number (email address is helpful, too.) For opinion submissions, please include your address. We won’t print your contact information, but we may need to reach you. We only publish “letters to the editor” with someone’s true name and city of residence. No anonymous submissions.

There’s often some confusion about how to place an obituary in the News-Ledger. There are two approaches to publishing information about a local person who has recently died.

NEWS OBITUARY: Our current policy is to consider the death of a person who has lived in West Sacramento to be ‘news.’ You may submit obituary information to us for consideration as a news item at no charge.  We may use some of that information, and we may edit it, at our discretion. Please keep in mind that if we publish a ‘news’ obituary, we will edit to become a news article and not, for example, a message from the family.
Although there is no charge if we publish a news obituary, we do currently charge a $25 fee if you wish to submit a photo with the item.  Please provide us with a good quality JPG image.

PAID ‘DEATH NOTICE’: You may place a ‘Death Notice’ advertisement in our newspaper. If you do, you may choose the wording and the photo as you see fit, because it is a paid advertisement and not a news article.  The cost will be based on the space needed (see our DISPLAY AD section here) Minimum charge is $75.  Please provide us with a good quality JPG image should you desire a photo.

Deadline is prior Friday. See our contact information listed above.