Apr 152011
Mayor Cabaldon's State of the City address

NEWS-LEDGER WEB ARTICLE April 15, 2011 By Steve Marschke News-Ledger Editor     The West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual ‘State of the City’ dinner and address on April 14 at the city hall galleria. Several hundred people attended. Mayor Christopher Cabaldon gave the keynote address, in which he covered a lot of [...]

Apr 132011

NEWS-LEDGER – APRIL 13, 2011 –   (Editor’s note: in his April 14 ‘State of the City’ speech, Mayor Christopher Cabaldon cited this company as an example of promising new industry coming to West Sacramento. He didn’t name the company because the deal hasn’t been finalized. Here’s our article from April 13.) By Steve Marschke [...]

Mar 302011

News-Ledger  – March 30, 2011   Without that awning, it could have been a lot worse: a local two-year old is recovering after a fall from a second-story window Monday evening. The accident happened at the Holly Court apartments on Maple Street.    “The two-year old girl was in the living room of an apartment on [...]

Mar 302011
AT&T invites neighbors to discuss cell tower

News-Ledger – March 30, 2011 By Steve Marschke News-Ledger Editor AT&T has invited some Southport residents to a community meeting to “discuss the proposed wireless facility” which is “required to address the growing need in this West Sacramento community for wireless voice, data and broadband coverage and capacity.” The project – which needs city approval [...]

Mar 282011

NEWS-LEDGER ONLINE -  March 28, 2011 By Steve Marschke News-Ledger Editor     At about 5 p.m. on March 28, the City of West Sacramento announced a special closed-door meeting of the city council to take place at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29. The topic is the continuing negotiations over the possible sale of the [...]

Mar 232011
Robotics club scores some points

NEWS-LEDGER – MARCH 23, 2011 By Steve Marschke News-Ledger Editor     “Tribot,” a pretty cool-looking, remotely controlled little fellow built by River City High School students, scored a lot of points at the Bay Area Regional Robotics Challenge in San Jose on Jan. 15.   The competition paired up different teams to compete together [...]