Jan 252015
Don't buy that new toy - borrow it

FROM THE NEWS-LEDGER — JAN 21, 2014 – By Al Zagofsky Correspondent Have you ever had your child pull your sleeve, cry and beg that they need the latest and greatest toy that they saw on television or at their friends’ home? And then, the next day you spend big bucks for the toy, they [...]

Aug 302014

FROM THE NEWS-LEDGER – Teens are invited to submit an original photo in September for a contest at the library. Deliver your entry in person (1212 Merkley Avenue) or email it to teenlibrarycontest@gmail.com. Copyright News-Ledger 2014

Apr 262014

FROM THE NEWS-LEDGER – The library at River City High School could use your help stocking the shelves with books – particularly biographies. If you have an extra copy of a book about such persons as Barack or Michele Obama, current sports or popular culture icons, people from the tech world such as Steve Jobs [...]