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Can you sing? Are you funny?


The West Sacramento Theater Company is holding open auditions for “The Great American Western,” written by Bruce Gueldon. Auditions will begin at 10 a.m. on Sept. 22 at the Black Box Theater in the community center, 1075 W. Capitol Ave., second floor. The production is a musical parody with speaking roles for five men and four women.

[adrotate group=”9″] Prepare a song and brief (two minute) comedic monologue. Bring a headshot and resume if you have them. For information, visit www.WestSacTheater.com.

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Endeavor passes over Tower Bridge

Space Shuttle Endeavor above its transport vehicle (News-Ledger photo by Eric Harding, www.ebharding.com)

[adrotate group=”9″]  NEWS-LEDGER ONLINE — SEPT 21, 2012 —

The space shuttle Endeavor kept its appointment with the Sacramento area this morning, passing over the Tower Bridge area as part of a tour that will put it in a museum in Los Angeles. This shot was snapped by the News-Ledger’s Eric Harding — who actually got the photo by using a telephoto lens from his home in Southport.

If you have a nice photo of the shuttle’s Sacramento visit (or a video link) you would like to share with News-Ledger readers, please email it to steve@news-ledger.com. Please send only your own photo, and include your name for photo credit and your permission for us to publish the photo. It may also be helpful to mention where you took the photo from.

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Space shuttle low & slow flyby


Find yourself someplace with a clear view of the sky on Friday – preferably near the state capitol building in Sacramento – and you will get a treat.

The retired space shuttle Endeavor is due to make a pass over Sacramento’s capitol building, riding piggyback on its transport jet, a converted airliner. The flyby will be at relatively low altitude (around 1,500 feet) and low speed.

The exact time of the flyover hasn’t been announced, but is planned for morning on Friday. The shuttle is scheduled to visit a number of Northern California landmarks on Sept. 21 before arriving in Los Angeles at about 11 a.m. The time and date may change due to weather or other considerations.

If the News-Ledger receives advance notice of the exact time of the Sacramento flyover, we’ll mention it on our Facebook page and at our websites, www.WestSac.com and www.news-ledger.com. Readers who are following the shuttle’s progress through NASA or other sources are also invited to share schedule information with us at the News-Ledger’s Facebook page.

Social media users may share their Endeavour sightings using the hashtags #spottheshuttle and #OV105, Endeavour’s orbiter vehicle designation, said a NASA spokesperson.

After arriving at Los Angeles International Airport, the shuttle will be removed from its ferry transport for a few weeks of preparation. Then Endeavour then will travel through Inglewood  and Los Angeles city streets on a 12-mile journey from the airport to
the California Science Center, arriving in the evening on Oct. 13.

Beginning Oct. 30, the shuttle will be on display in the science center’s Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion.

(EDITOR’S UPDATE: The News-Ledger will invite readers to help keep track of the space shuttle’s arrival on our Facebook page here.)

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Pepper spray: no criminal charges


The office of Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig has just released a statement saying that it will not press charges against the UC Davis police officers involved in a notorious use of pepper spray against peaceful protesters last November.

The statement doesn’t condone the officers’ actions (and makes no judgment on whether they would win if sued in civil court) but it concludes that criminal guilt probably wouldn’t be easy to prove. The D.A. report relies on information from the “Kroll Report,” commissioned earlier by the University of California.

Here’s the D.A.’s statement in its entirety:

No criminal charges will be filed against University of California, Davis officers involved in the November 18, 2011, pepper spraying of students on the University Quad. A 13 page District Attorney report outlines the reasons for the determination. The report concludes “viewing the incident through the totality of the circumstances, there is insufficient evidence to establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the use of force involved in the November 18, 2011, pepper spraying was unlawful and therefore warrants the filing of criminal charges.”

[adrotate group=”7″] The report defines the legal role of a prosecutor in investigating officer involved misconduct, “The review by Yolo County District Attorney’s Office does not involve an evaluation of administrative, civil or Internal Affairs liability for the participants and it does not involve a review of whether policies and procedures were appropriately followed. In addition, our review does not encompass recommendations concerning how policies and procedures might be altered to minimize potential future risks. The scope of the District Attorney’s review is solely an evaluation of whether the filing of criminal charges is warranted by the events of November 18, 2011.”

The report relies heavily on the factual determinations of the Kroll Report and cites numerous facts and evidence contained within the Kroll Report. Although the Kroll Report concluded that the conduct of Lieutenant Pike was not objectively reasonable, the report acknowledges that the officers in general, “and Lieutenant Pike specifically, believed that they and their prisoners were surrounded by a hostile ‘mob,’ and that the pepper spraying was necessary to clear the pathway so that the officers and their prisoners could leave the Quad safely” and that “a detailed review of the events provides some support for their [the officers] position.” The District Attorney’s report concludes that in light of these conclusions from the Kroll Report and the additional evidence obtained during the District Attorney’s review of the evidence that there is insufficient evidence to warrant the filing of criminal charges.


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Get rid of bulky garbage stuff


Got some trashed mattresses, furniture, box springs, cardboard or tires (up to 9)?

The City of West Sacramento is offering a “Bulky Waste Drop-Off” event from Sept. 19-22 (weekdays 4-7 p.m. and Saturday 9-3) at 540 Harbor Blvd.

Bring proof of West Sacramento residency (city utility bill or driver’s license address). Those age 65+ or disabled may qualify to have someone pick up your bulky waste for you; call 617-4590. Scrap metal and appliances are not accepted at this event but may be taken to J&M Metal Recycling, 2205 Rice Ave, weekdays 8-5. Wood and green waste are also not accepted, but may be taken to the Yolo County Landfill – watch for a voucher for one free load in your August utility bill.

[adrotate group=”7″]   For more info, visit www.WestSacRecycles.org or call 617-4590.

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Food givaway today in West Sac


The Yolo County Food Bank will distribute free food to eligible West Sacramento and Clarksburg residents on Tuesday, September 18.

Hours and locations are: 9-10 a.m. at the County Building, 500 Jefferson Blvd.; 10:30-11:15 a.m. at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1500 Park Blvd.; 11-noon at the Yolo Housing Authority, 685 Lighthouse Dr.; and noon-1 p.m. at the Clarksburg Firehouse. Please bring a bag and attend only one location.

For information, call the (530) 668-0690.

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Oldtimer Lou Arges dead at 90

LOU ARGES, West Sacramento's "Pipe King"


Lou Arges, a well-known West Sacramento property owner and businessman, died in his home on Sept. 11 at the age of 90.

Arges was a sheepherder, farmer and businessman. His business interests included “The Pipe King” pipe sales spot on Jefferson Blvd. in Southport, which for a number of years provide pipe for construction purposes. The business earned Arges himself the nickname “Pipe King.”

He stayed active in his retirement, building a large house on his Southport property and working the land.

Arges was an avid hunter and fisherman, frequenting the Sierra Nevadas and the wilderness of Idaho and Montana.

[adrotate group=”9″] He is survived by children Demetre and Tambi, brother Phillip, sister Katherine, grandsons Julian and Benjamin, and by other relatives and friends.

A “celebration of life” service is planned for Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 11 a.m. at River Cities Funeral Chapel, 910 Soule Street. Friends are invited.

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