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Free flu shots Saturday in West Sac


From the County of Yolo

The Yolo County Health Services Department, in partnership with the city of West Sacramento, is holding a free seasonal influenza vaccination clinic on Saturday, November 22, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at West Sacramento City Hall, located at 1110 West Capitol Avenue in West Sacramento.  Besides providing opportunity for residents to receive the seasonal flu vaccine, this clinic also serves as a test of the county’s mass vaccination response.

The Yolo County Health Services Department also provides seasonal flu vaccine for a $10.00 administrative fee (those unable to pay for a flu vaccine will not be turned away) as part of the regularly scheduled immunization clinic held every 1st Monday, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at 500 Jefferson Blvd in West Sacramento, and every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday, 2:00-5:00 p.m. at 137 N. Cottonwood Street in Woodland.

The final seasonal flu vaccination clinic provided by Yolo County will be held on Wednesday, December 10, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Woodland Senior & Community Center, located at 2001 East Street in Woodland.

In addition to getting a flu shot annually, everyone should also follow these simple steps to avoid the flu:

·         Wash hands often with soap and water
·         Regularly clean commonly-touched surfaces, i.e. countertops, doorknobs, telephones etc.
·         Don’t share cups, straws or anything that goes in the mouth
·         Cover nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze, and promptly discard used facial tissues
·         If you are sick, stay home
Other important factors that help prevent getting sick:
·         Getting enough rest and staying physically fit to help the body fight off disease
·         Not smoking and reducing your exposure to secondhand smoke
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Arrest made in yesterday’s shooting


West Sacramento police announced last night that they have made an arrest in the Tuesday morning shooting near Proctor Avenue and Sycamore Street.

In custody is Michael Reyes, Jr., a 24-year old from West Sacramento. He will be booked on attempted murder, reported Lieutenant Tod Sockman.

Further details have not been released.

An unidentified man on bike was shot from a passing car in the Tuesday morning incident. He was hit several times and his condition was not reported to the media.

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Man hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds after West Sac shooting


News just in directly from the West Sacramento Police Department:

“(Today) at approximately 8 a.m., officers responded to the corner of Proctor Avenue and Sycamore Avenue for a subject shot.  When officers arrived, a 42 year old male was found with multiple gunshot wounds.  He was transported to the hospital and his condition in unknown at this time.  The victim was riding his bicycle near the intersection when a subject in an unknown type vehicle pulled up and shot the victim.  Due to the ongoing investigation, some specific details regarding the shooting are not yet available for release.

“If anyone has information about this crime they are encouraged to call the West Sacramento Police Department’s Dispatch at 916-372-3375 or the Crime Tip Hotline at 916-617-4747.

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Honor roll: top students at RCHS


The honor roll list from the first term of the year at River City High School is in.
“We had 1,170 students of our 2,080 enrolled students who achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher for the first term of school, ending October 17, 2014,” reports Vice Principal Kristin Rodriguez.
With extra grade credit for certain things, it is possible for students to exceed what used to be a “perfect” 4.0 grade point average:
A total of 438 students ended up with a grade point average of 3.0-3.49 (B to B+), 410 earned GPAs of 3.5-3.99 (A- to A) and 322 earned GPAs of 4.0 and above.
Here’s the list of the top students, earning 4.0-plus grade point averages for the term. Note: the alphabetical order is not consistent. There are additional names added out of order near the end:

Adcock, Sarah
Agadjanian, Nikolas
Ahmad, Hela
Alcantar, Jessica
Alfaro, Noeley
Alvarado, Valeria
Amin, Mariam
Andrus, Gideon
Asem, Mohammad
Baba, Nathaniel
Backus, Samantha
Balakhnina, Alina
Ballard, Noel
Banks, Rochelle
Barrett, Martin
Baylon, Clydyne
Becha, Kaajal
Berntsen, Ryan
Berry, Roselynn
Bias, Toni
Bibica, Patrick
Bigney, Morgan
Bissegger, Alissa
Bolton, Danae
Boltz, Andrew
Braden, Nicholas
Brantley, Aliyah
Brisco, Nicolaus
Cabrera Maya, Alexis
Cassell, Derek
Cavett, Ariana
Chan, William
Chavez, Eduardo
Chean, Sopear
Chile, Geovannee
Cole, Keith
Conklin, Andrew
Cornell, Nathaniel
Crumb, Julie Anne Bernadeth
Cruz, Natali
Dancev, Elisei
Dawar, Baheer
Diaz, Leticia
Doldier, Innessa
Donoghue, Kaitlyn
Drewry, Mikaela
Eckler, Dana
Einsel, Karalynn
Firmacion, Mikaela
Flores, Karla
Flores, Oscar
Folk, Michael
Fuller, Marcus
Furlow, Keyera
Garcia, Galdino
Garcia, Jessika
Garcia, Miguel
Genon, Jun Carlo
Gil, David
Goloveshkin, Victoria
Goncharov, Christina
Gonzalez, Jocelyn
Gordiano, Jenny
Gray, John Marshall
Gray, Joshua
Griblin, Jane
Guerra Hernandez, Lizeth
Gully, Robert
Hall Smith, Marissa
Hammer, Kassidy
Harris, Makayla
Hassan, Shabnam
Hendrix, Brycelyn
Henning, David
Hernandez, Jesenia
Herrera, Andrew
Herrera, Angelina
Herrera, Karla
Hicks, Zoe
Hollie, JerShaun
Holman, Morgan
Iorga, Jordan
Jimenez Guerra, David
Johnson, Emoni
Kadyra, Ena
Kaiger, Nellie
Kaloty, Gagandeep
Karashchuk, Yanna
Kaur, Lovpret
Kaur, Navjeet
Keilman, James
Khan, Ahtisham
Khan, Amy
Khan, Saba
Khan, Tia
Kondrashov, Anastasia
Kozycheva, Irina
Kumar, Beatrice
Lambirth, Isabelle
Lara, Andrea
Latortseva, Marina
Leal Tovar, Karla
Leon Hurtado, Enzo
Levchenko, Michael
Logan, Chandler
Look, Makayla
Lopez, Alicia
Lopez, Isabel
Lopez, Michael
Lopez, Sergio
Luera, Peter
Luna Plascencia, Carla
Lynch, Kayla
Magallanes, Rosalie
Martin, Taylor
Martinez, Breeann
Martinez, Jenna
Martinez, Leopoldo
McCully, Nathan
Mercado, Dianna
Molchanov, Yelizaveta
Mona, Sarah
Monce, Maya
Monjaras, Giselle
Moore, Eriah
Moreno, Elena
Mouhasseb, Lilian
Myachina, Kristina
Naidu, Shariya
Neely, Daniel
Neidinger, Anna
Nelson, Joshua
Neverov, Sofiya
Newman, Jenna
Nishimura, Kristen
Nosov, Valentin
Onisko, Irina
Ortiz, Gabrielle
Parker, Aitanna
Pascual, Jade
Paskal, Anastasiya
Pasquetti, Brooke
Patel, Marisa
Pedersen, McKenna
Perez, Matea
Pitts Field, Brianna
Porche, Mia
Porupsky, Ronald
Prasad, Praneel
Priya, Priashna
Qu, Suzy
Quenga, Antonio
Quintero, Franchesca
Rabago, Yasmin
Rajoy, Ashley
Ramirez, Katherine
Ramirez, Leopoldo
Ramirez, Star
Ramirez, Susan
Randall, Jacob
Rizo, Anamaria
Rodriguez, Rodolfo
Rudometkina, Irina
Russ, Anastasiya
Russ, Sofiya
Rybalko, Ivan
Rybikov, Katya
Saechao, Sally
Saetern, Matthew
Saeteurn, Joe
Saini, Sparsh
Salazar, Andre
Sapiandante, Nathaniel
Savenko, Philip
Sayed, Nahefa
Schatzel, Emily
Semeryuk, Maksim
Shaw, Nicholas
Shevchenko, Mariya
Shimonenko, Juliana
Sidman, Jacob
Simmons, Noah
Singh, Gursewak
Singh, Rasdeep
Skovpen, Valentina
Skovpen, Vyacheslav
Smith, Morgahn
Spicer, Margaret
Stack, Liam
Stall, Lilly
Stupin, Veniamin
Stupina, Angelina
Sweeney, Melissa
Tafolla, Samantha
Taylor, Aiden
Tedeschi, Troy
Teu, Katieli
Timofeev, Stanislav
Torres, April
Tran, Kenny
Trussell, Michelle
Umaria, Malvika
Usmonov, Ovid
Vallejos, Celina
Varghese, Juvento
Virk, Sabreet
Visochin, Valerie
Visochin, Victoria
Voronenko, Daria
Vosheva, Victoriya
Wall, Charles
Wallinder, Peter
Wallinder, Sarah
Wang, Meng
Watson, Parker
Weaver, Mesayla
Whitaker, Benjamin
Whitsell, Melissa
Wilcox, Bryton
Williams, Anthony
Woods, Sara
Wright, Ariell
Yang, Billy
Yang, Justin
Zaragoza, Rocio
Zepeda, David
Monce, Thomas
Taylor, Evan
Ahmed, Raza
Angeles, Geronimo
Arauza, Eric
Au, Jackie
Barrett, Nathaniel
Bondarenko, Valerie
Boone, Stuart
Bredikhin, Evelyn
Brizuela, Julienne
Charan, Simmiran
Chhay, Virak
Criswell, Jordan
DelaRosa, Ryan
Delgado, Daniela
Dhillon, Melina
Dua, Maia
Enriquez, Melanie
Haagensen, Haleigh
Hamel, Shyann
Hua, Sipei
Kersey, Courtney
Lee, Karen
Leonov, Daria
Makeyenko, Jastina
Mehmood, Asid
Mercado, Danny
Mockler, Evan
Ngo, Bryant
Ostapenko, Anna
Packham, Tyler
Paiz, Rosalinda
Pierdant, Shanttelle
Puliz, Nicholas
Quinones Orozco, Diana
Ramirez, Dianerik
Riedel, Kelly
Rijova, Elizaveta
Saeteang, Brian
Saetern, Isabel
Sambrano, Zyrian
Santillan, Miguel
Sidher, Manav
Snarr, Mallory
Talbott, Kara
Tandel, Rachana
Taryanik, Veronica
Teangh, Carol
Tolstova, Gabriella
Torres Alcala, Carlos
Tran, Kari
Vigil, Robert
Vorobyova, Nadezhda
Warner, Michael
Gautam, Sapana
Baker, Gabriel
Benafghoul, Jasmine
Benigno, Jeremiah
Chong, Jay
Keilman, Johnathan
Plugovaya, Alona
Styc, Caroline
Vinnikova, Anastasiya
Chan, Ana
Asatryan, Laura
Gallegos, Deanna
Guan, Erica
Guryanov, Ilya
Gutiev, Vladislav
Hagar, Elizabeth
Hoang, Anh
Hoffmann, Claire
Huerta, Yakima
Ignatesko, Sergey
Looc, Chloe
Nguyen, Lan
Potts, Ashley
Potts, Brandon
Quenga, JuliaMarie
Salim, Kasem
Tandel, Drasti
Tellez, Magda
Xu, Emily
Bui, Beatrice
Chen, Samuel
Chong, Jayne
Rodriguez, Alfredo
Ignatesko, Andrey
Johnston, Joseph
Kelkar, Vikram
Kersey, Darren
Kochai, Marwand
Maranan, Jeanelle Mae
McConnell, Austin
Ngo, Jessica

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