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Volunteers needed for Grand Jury

NEWS-LEDGER — FEB 18, 2015 —

News-Ledger Staff

Would you like to serve on the next Yolo County Grand Jury?

Each July 1, the local court empowers a panel of 19 people to serve on this independent arm of the local judicial system.

“The primary civil function of the grand jury is to review the operations of city and county government as well as other tax-supported agencies and special districts,” reports the office of Court Executive Officer Shawn Landry. “Based on these reviews, the grand jury publishes its findings and may recommend constructive action to improve the quality and effectiveness of local government.”

The grand jury also listens to evidence and considers criminal indictments, and follows up on complaints from citizens, government employees and others.

Jurors serve for one year, meeting twice a month and spending about 25-40 hours per month on the job. They receive a small stipend and travel allowance.

Among the qualifications: you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, you must have been a Yolo County resident for at least one year before selection, and you may not have been convicted of a felony.

Visit www.yolo.courts.ca.gov or contact the Yolo Superior Court, Jury Services, 725 Court Street, Room 303, Woodland, CA 95695, (530) 406-6828.

Applications are due by Feb. 27.

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CEO of Yolo’s courts will retire


Yolo Superior Court announced today the retirement of James B. Perry, Court Executive Officer. He will retire May 1, 2013.

JAMES PERRY (Courtesy of Yolo Co. Superior Court)

(Courtesy of Yolo Co. Superior Court)

“It has been my honor to work with the best group of judges in the state and a truly remarkable staff. I have enjoyed my time serving the people of Yolo County and the state,” commented Perry in a Yolo Superior Court press release.

The press statement credited Perry with stabilizing funding levels, developing one of the first written succession plans for court staff, and successfully advocating for additional judgeships and staff.  He helped guide the court through state funding for site acquisition and construction plans for the new Yolo Superior Courthouse expected to be complete in 2015, the statement continued.  Perry held key roles on Judicial Branch Committees and Task Forces to include the Domestic Violence Task Force, Facilities Task Force, and the Budget Working Group.

Perry will leave Yolo Superior Court with 10 years of service at his post;  a total of 20 years with the Judicial Branch and 43 years of public service.

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Courts evacuated after bomb threat


All Yolo County court facilities  in Woodland were evacuated after a bomb threat received at the Superior Courthouse at 8:30 a.m. today.

West Sacramento police and CHP officers helped the sheriff’s department and Woodland police look for a bomb. None was found, and the courts were re-opened at 10:30 a.m.

Investigators have “several credible leads” as to the suspect, said a court press release.

A court spokesperson said the last time the courts received a bomb threat was in 2005, and that suspect was arrested and charged for the crime.

As for today:

“Court operations were delayed, but judges and court staff are working hard to ensure that there will be only minimal disruption,” reports the office of Court Executive Officer James B. Perry.

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