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Dirt-hauling trucks heading to levee sites


By Steve Marschke, News-Ledger Editor

Just where are all those dirt-hauling trucks going?

Michael Bessette, West Sacramento’s flood protection manager, told the News-Ledger that a lot of them are probably hauling fill to several local levee improvement projects.

“There are currently three levee project sites under construction right now,” he said. “One is in Southport – the Sacramento riverbank setback levee project on South River Road just outside of Stone Locks. One is in the CHP Academy area (in the northwest). That’s the Sacramento Bypass Levee.”

“And the other,” said Bessette, “is at the Rivers project (in the northeast). I think the Rivers is basically done receiving fill, though. But not the other two.”

Bessette said he wasn’t sure where the fill dirt was being shipped from for the Southport area, but the northern projects share a dirt source.

“The two projects in the north are receiving from a Teichert Construction site in Sacramento County, so it’s coming from the Highway 50 system somewhere,” said Bessette.