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Feb. 19 is last day to register


West Sacramento voters will choose a new school board member at a special election on March 5.

Last day to register to vote in time for the Washington Unified School District race is Feb. 19. You must be 18, a County of Yolo resident at least 15 days before the resident, a U.S. citizen, and you must complete a registration affidavit. For information, contact the Yolo County Elections Department, 625 Court St., Room B05, Woodland, CA 95695, or call (530) 666-8133 or 1-800-649-9943.

The News-Ledger traditionally invites each candidate to sit down for an interview to be published in the newspaper. Those interviews began publishing in the Jan. 23 News-Ledger and will continue until approximately Feb. 20. For information on subscribing to the News-Ledger, call (916) 371-8030.

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‘Disney on Ice’ ticket giveaway

NEWS-LEDGER — FEB 6, 2013 —

The News-Ledger will have a few free tickets to give away in the next week.

The tickets will be for the “Disney on Ice” show on Feb. 14-15 at the Sleep Train Arena (formerly Arco Arena) in Sacramento. If you’re interested in winning the tickets, watch our Facebook web page at www.Facebook.com/TheNewsLedger. If you’re not a Facebook member, consider asking a friend who is a Facebook member to keep a close eye on that page.

The giveaway will most likely happen very fast, probably on Monday.

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Convicted: purse snatcher who maced three Samaritans in shopping center


Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced today that on Monday, a Yolo County jury found 29-year old Thomas Jones IV guilty of robbing an elderly woman in a West Sacramento parking lot and using a can of mace on three bystanders who had attempted to intervene.

According to the D.A.’s office:

In the afternoon of October 27, the elderly, disabled victim went to the Little Ceasars Pizza near the corner of West Capitol Avenue and Jefferson Boulevard.  Jones rode his bicycle up to the victim from behind and took her purse.  The commotion and the victim’s screams for help brought three employees out of a nearby business. they chased Jones as he tried to escape with the purse.

The employees chased Jones across West Capitol Avenue and cornered him in a loading dock.  When the employees attempted to detain Jones, he used a large can of pepper spray on them.  Jones escaped again, but was found minutes later in an empty parking lot with the victim’s purse.

[adrotate group=”7″]   The jury convicted Jones after a day of deliberation.

“Thomas Jones chose his victim because she was vulnerable,” commented Deputy District Attorney Ryan Couzens, in a press release.  In the same release, District Attorney Jeff Reisig praised the efforts of the good Samaritans:  “The courage these three men showed was extraordinary.  They went above and beyond.”

Jones is scheduled to be sentenced on March 15 by Judge Janet Gaard of the Yolo County Superior Court.

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RCHS student volunteers help younger kids with their reading

Above, front: Lana Harman of the library with RCHS Interact Club members Lily He and Marwand Kochai, and (back row) Sara Malakzay and Jessica Ngo.


River City High School’s community service club, called the ‘Interact Club,’ is now working with the local library branch on a program to help kids read.

[adrotate group=”9″]   In the ‘Reading Buddies’ program, two Interact Club members will spend time listening to first- and second-graders practice their reading skills. Each reading session will last 15 minutes.

The program starts Feb. 15, from 4-5 p.m. at the Arthur F. Turner Branch Library in West Sacramento.

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Latino group talks about youth issues


The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) invites interested people to a membership meeting on Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. in the Turner branch library, 1212 Merkley Avenue.

The organization hopes to become more involved in local youth activities, particularly in Bryte and Broderick. For information, contact Sharl Castorena, 838-0531.

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West Sac youth leagues are mature

DON SCHATZEL: former West Sacramento Parks Director and occasional News-Ledger columnist

NEWS-LEDGER — JAN 30, 2013 —

By Don Schatzel

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and Happy New Year!  All the best to you for the upcoming year.

Congratulations to U-12 (under age 12) Arsenal girls soccer for making it to the finals of the Presidents Cup for the second year in a row! Unfortunately, after winning three games in a weekend, they lost the final 3-2 to British American Club.  Laura Garcia and Julyana Lara did the scoring for Arsenal, completing another great season.

The Under-16 Hooligans12 completed their Presidents Cup, and after completing a season with 40 practices and 14 games, are poised to move into River City High School’s soccer season with high hopes and confidence! Taylor Jacky and Andrea Saucedo were captains of Hooligans12 and Taylor lead the team in scoring.

Now, local soccer teams are on the way to the indoor season at “El Azteca” and “Off the Wall” facilities to prepare for next season.

In the last article, I mentioned a lot of softball players and  you know how it works when you start mentioning people: you forget some. I forgot a few, including Hayley Luna and Cameron McGinnes, who are terrific local players.

I was reviewing my list and 90 percent, if not all, the girls  on the all high school all star list  had their beginning  softball training in the West Sacramento Girls Softball Little League – now registering for the upcoming spring and summer season. I know my family had a great time in that program.

Girls softball starts here in West Sac, and league president Frances Lara will do a great job as usual!

“Soccer is basketball played on grass with feet and with twice as many players.”

Johan Cruyff, a great Dutch soccer player from the past, said that.

It is fun to watch the Washington Unified girls after-school basketball program again this year. It’s a league where the coaches coach to teach basketball, not just win games. The quality of play has improved so much. Picks, press, zones in-bounds plays, 4-5 passes then the good shot, are the norm now.

The players have reached the point where sometimes seem better than the referees. The refs can no longer chat with the parents on the way down the court.

The girls know the rules and know when they got away with something. Just watch the little smiles on their faces that show up on occasion. The coaches can coach, the girls can play and  they no longer just give the ball to the best player to go coast to coast then throw up a 20 footer.

Not any more! Yours truly and a Recreation Supervisor for the City of West Sac started the basketball league years ago. Supervisor Troy Turner is no longer with us, but the City Parks and Rec program has 350 boys and 139 girls playing in their program. I think Troy would have been very proud, as I am. (Editor’s note: sadly, Mr. Turner is deceased.)

[adrotate group=”7″]   In the “Wow” category I happened to be visiting relatives in Gilroy and they have a new high school, “Christopher High School,” named after Don Christopher of Christopher Garlic. The Garlic Festival  brings in 100,000 people in a weekend to Gilroy for their festival and Don was big motivator behind its creation.

The school district needed two million dollars to complete their sports complex at the high school,  and according to the Gilroy newspaper, Christopher called and gave them 1 million dollars then called back, and asked “How much do you need?”

When told another million was needed, Christopher answered, “OK, put me down for two million!”

Life is good in garlic but, many of us know the Klein family here particularly Alyssa Klein (everyone calls her “Lulu”” is moving to Gilroy and she will attend Christopher School. Gilroy already has great softball players, so I really wish they take ours away. We will miss the Klein family and wish them the best!

Blast from the past!

Watching UCLA football linebacker Coach Jeff Ulbrich:

Before UCLA, he played for the 49ers. Before that University of Hawaii, and before that, Live Oak HS in Morgan Hill. Before that, he was a starting center forward on a U-12 (under age 12) team I coached. We would probably pass each other on the street now and not recognize each other, but it’s great to see young kids grow up and be successful!

More community involvement: Centennial Rotary Club of West Sac just donated $200 to the youth boxing club in town. West Sac has  a great boxing history and tradition and if the donation gets more kids involved, yahoo! Centennial also donated  $1,000 to the West Sac Relay for Life which is coming up and planning  is underway.

An interesting piece of community history was shared with me recently. Who was the first person in West Sac to get on base and score the first run at Memorial Park, the site of Little League games?

It was Jim Thompson in 1956! Jim is an outstanding member of the West Sacramento Trail Riders Association. Ron Morazzinni, the president of the horse riding group, is now working with the City of West Sacramento  on its bike and pedestrian path update to remember the equestrian community in town..

Great stuff, and that’s why we love living here.


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Flu season: worse than average

NEWS-LEDGER — JAN 23, 2013 —

From Beth Gabor
Public Information Officer
County of Yolo

This year’s influenza season is worse than an average year, and especially bad for seniors.  Seasonal influenza is now widespread in California.  Most influenza being seen this year is covered by the vaccine, and when needed, is sensitive to anti-viral treatment.  The Yolo County Health Department reminds the community that in addition to getting a flu shot every year (especially important for the young and old), everyone should also follow these simple steps to avoid the flu:

•    Wash hands often with soap and water
•    Regularly clean commonly-touched surfaces, i.e. countertops, doorknobs, telephones etc.
•    Don’t share cups, straws or anything that goes in the mouth
•    Avoid touching your eyes and nose
•    Cover nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze, and promptly discard used facial tissues
•    If sick, stay home

[adrotate group=”9″] Other important factors that help prevent getting sick:
•    Get enough rest and stay physically fit to help the body fight off disease
•    Don’t smoke and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke

Flu vaccine is still available and worth receiving this late in the season.  The flu vaccine can be obtained through local healthcare providers, pharmacies and the Yolo County Health Department’s regularly scheduled immunization clinic held every Tuesday, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at 137 N. Cottonwood Street in Woodland.

“We appear to be halfway through an early flu season with rates of influenza-related illness increasing in California,” said Constance Caldwell, MD, Interim Yolo County Health Officer, in a press release.  “Protect yourself, your family and your community by getting a flu shot, washing hands often and staying home when you are ill.  These three steps go a long way in reducing the incidence, and in some cases, deaths related to flu.”

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