Feb 272015

NEWS-LEDGER — FEB 25, 2015 News-Ledger Staff A joint city-county program to take homeless people off the river and help them get into a life of social services, jobs and permanent housing comes to an end at the end of February. Yolo County spokeswoman Beth Gabor told the press that about 100 volunteers and staff [...]

Feb 262015
West Sac, Clarksburg women part of history program

NEWS-LEDGER — FEB 18, 2015 – By Al Zagofsky Correspondent “We are weaving the stories of women’s lives into the fabric of the history of Yolo County and also get young women interested in history by involving them in the program,” said Shipley Walters, Yolo County Historian  and Secretary for the Yolo County Women’s History [...]

Feb 252015

NEWS-LEDGER — FEB 18, 2015 – News-Ledger Staff Would you like to serve on the next Yolo County Grand Jury? Each July 1, the local court empowers a panel of 19 people to serve on this independent arm of the local judicial system. “The primary civil function of the grand jury is to review the [...]

Feb 102015

NEWS-LEDGER — JAN 28, 2015 – From Beth Gabor County of Yolo Starting this month, parents will be able to pay their child support in cash at thousands of MoneyGram locations throughout California. Previously, parents paying child support in cash could only do so by visiting a county or regional local child support agency that [...]

Feb 082015
Have you always wanted to learn about animal tracks?

NEWS-LEDGER — JAN 28, 2015 – From Tuleyome Take a closer look at the nature surrounding you and discover countless stories of the wildlife nearby. Learn where otters slide into the water, where beavers have taken down trees and what critter’s paw prints you may be walking in at Home Place Adventures’ animal tracking workshop. [...]

Jan 212015

NEWS-LEDGER — JAN 14, 2015 – Safeway Inc. has agreed to pay $9.87 million in “civil penalties, costs and supplemental environmental projects” after a group of California officials alleged its stores have been mishandling hazardous and pharmaceutical wastes. The office of Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig was among the 42 district attorneys and two [...]