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GUEST OPINION: State needs to honor its debt to California’s counties


By Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada
and Yolo County Supervisor Matt Rexroad (Woodland)

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife owes 36 California counties collectively over $17 million in delinquent payment-in-lieu-of-taxes.  For Yolo County, the share is nearly $1.4 million.


(courtesy photo)

The payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILT) program was established in 1949 to offset the loss in county property tax revenues resulting from state acquisition of private property for wildlife management areas.  These payments were intended to help counties continue to provide vital services such as public safety, health care and roads construction and maintenance.  In Yolo County, the state has not made a payment to offset its acquisition of property acquired primarily for the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area since 2000, thus leaving Yolo County programs and services to suffer.

The state has also not made payments to the No Man’s Fire Protection District that sits east of Davis.  These payments would help support fire services.  Instead, the cost has been borne solely by private landowners in the district.  This is not the partnership that the County of Yolo expected.  The failure of the state to adhere to state law and meet its end of the bargain discourages the primary intent of land conservation.

YOLO SUPERVISOR MATT REXROAD (photo courtesy of Yolo County)

YOLO SUPERVISOR MATT REXROAD (photo courtesy of Yolo County)

Now, the State of California wants to own or control even more property in Yolo County to address the environmental issues associated with the Delta.  With over $17 million in delinquent monies currently owed to 36 counties, we are skeptical of the state’s future efforts in Yolo County.

Counties throughout California are doing everything they can to reduce expenses, tighten budgets and find funding for critical programs and services for their residents.  We believe the State of California should recognize its payment-in-lieu-of-taxes obligation, pay past due monies and resume ongoing annual payments as the first step in building a better state-local government relationship.

We all have to pay our bills – the state shouldn’t get an exception on the backs of the counties.

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County contracts with private company to promote better broadband connectivity


Yolo County has hired Magellan Advisors to analyze the local broadband internet infrastructure and “assess future needs and identify strategies to meet those needs,” the company reports.

The study is being commissioned by Yolo County’s Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) in conjunction with the cities of West Sacramento, Davis, Winters and Woodland.

The resulting plan will “provide Yolo County with a roadmap to strengthen broadband inits community through evaluation of wise public investments in infrastructure, broadband-oriented public policy, strategic public-private partnerships, and collaboration with stakeholders, community anchor institutions and service providers,” said a statement from Magellan Advisors.

  UPDATE, DEC 9, 2013: Documents from the County of Yolo show that Magellan Advisors was selected from among eight responses to the county’s call for proposals.

  The contract is valued at $46,200, and Magellan is tasked with promoting broadband to the community, strategizing to improve broadband services, and other tasks.

Magellan will be working with representatives from the county and its cities, including Diane Richards of the City of West Sacramento.

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Brewpub lands West Sacramento site


By Steve Marschke
News-Ledger Editor

The lease wasn’t – quite – signed as the News-Ledger went to press on Nov. 26. But it appeared that a local beer house operator had found a home for his planned new pub in West Sacramento.

Yolo Brewing Company has probably locked down a spot at 1520 Terminal Street, in an industrial area near the Port of West Sacramento, Harbor Boulevard, and the freeway. That address comes from a legal document filed with Yolo County.

According to the Facebook page for owner “Brewhouse Concepts Land and Management” of Fair Oaks, the facility plans to open in early 2014, with the opportunity to “craft your own small batch beers onsite or enjoy our freshly crafted draft bers in the tasting room.”

Mike Costello, one of the proponents of the project, formerly operated the “Brew It Up!” taphouse and “personal brewery” in downtown Sacramento. He earlier tried to nail down a brewpub location on South River Road in West Sacramento, but negotiations fell through.

The News-Ledger traded emails with Costello yesterday morning, and he said he hoped to sign the new lease yesterday.

A mini-brewpub called Bike Dog Brewing opened earlier this year on Industrial Boulevard in West Sacramento, and Sacramento’s Rubicon opened a production-only facility near Ikea also in 2013.

(EDITOR’S NOTE, DEC 2: Yolo Brewing Company’s Mike Costello confirmed last week that the pub signed its Terminal Street lease.)

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Kids’ agency celebrates 15 years

NEWS-LEDGER — NOV 20, 2013 —

From Lori Aldrete
for First 5 Yolo

The camaraderie and sense of accomplishment were apparent as commissioners, agency representatives, nonprofit executives, and community advocates for children came together for a small celebration Friday morning, November 15th in Woodland to mark the 15th anniversary of First 5 Yolo.

The three who have chaired First 5 Yolo since its inception:   Former State Assembly Member, former Yolo County Supervisor and the second First 5 Yolo Chair Helen Thomson; State Senator and original First 5 Yolo Chair Lois Wolk; and Yolo County Supervisor and current First 5 Yolo Chair Don Saylor (photo by Lori Aldrete for First 5 Yolo)

The three who have chaired First 5 Yolo since its inception: Former State Assembly Member, former Yolo County Supervisor and the second First 5 Yolo Chair Helen Thomson; State Senator and original First 5 Yolo Chair Lois Wolk; and Yolo County Supervisor and current First 5 Yolo Chair Don Saylor
(photo by Lori Aldrete for First 5 Yolo)

“It was such a privilege to serve as the original chair of First 5 Yolo,” said Senator Wolk.  She served as chair of the Children and Families Commission, from 1999 until 2002.   “All the good that First 5 Yolo has accomplished for the health, wellbeing and development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in Yolo County over the past 15 years is the result of the collaborative efforts of dedicated commissioners, a strong staff, a partnership with the county and local nonprofits, and the voters of California, who approved Proposition 10 in 1998.”

Research shows that investment in a child’s development in the first five years has a meaningful impact throughout life. The First 5 money from the Proposition 10 tobacco tax builds on this research, and has routed nearly $2 million a year, for a 15 year total of $26.5 million, into Yolo County; investing in the futures of the county’s youngest children.

Through partnerships and collaborations with other local organizations, First 5 Yolo investments have enabled tens of thousands of families and children to receive needed medical and dental care, fresh food, preschool opportunities, library reading programs, parenting classes, home visits and other valuable services.

Some of the outcomes and successes celebrated Friday at First 5 Yolo include more than 3,000 West Sacramento children attended preschool at no cost; a 65 percent increase in early learning activities at the Yolo County Library; more than double the number of licensed foster parents in Yolo County – now at 80; and thousands of subsidized dental visits for young children and pregnant women.

For more information about these programs, go to www.first5yolo.org.

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